Adverse effects of homeopathy:a systematic review of cases

Homeopathy has placebo effect only scientists now saying “Homeopathy has the potential to harm patients and consumers in both direct and indirect ways”.

So far  the so called scientific studies have been telling the world that Homoeopathy is nothing more than Placebo, now same scientists coming with evidence that  it has adverse effects. Homoeopaths always claimed that Homoeopathic Medicines acts on Human system at a vitalistic plane/ nuroendocrinal level. When something has got power to act on human system, it may have counter action  action also.

The information  to the critics of Homoeopathy is that the Placebo theory of the so called Scientific community was a misleading exercise. For Homoeopaths who blindly believe that Homoeopathy is safe medicine, it is warining message

Prof. Vithoulkas’ response to an article in the International Journal of Clinical Practice that  claimed that homeopathic treatment has side effects. The International Journal of Clinical Practice denied to publish this response !!!

To the Editor: International Journal of Clinical Practice


I wish to comment on the paper “Adverse effects of homeopathy: a systematic review of  published case reports and case series” by Posadzki et al.”

The efficacy of homeopathy has always being denied with the argument that the remedies were  inactive and therefore the curative results were due to placebo effect. In this study becomes  apparent that there is actually a strong biological effect upon the human organism, something  that was maintained all along by homeopaths (initial aggravation in serious diseases, proving symptoms etc.).

The well researched article by Posadzki et al giving evidence of the adverse effects of homeopathic remedies upon the human organisms, proves clearly that this fact cannot be  denied any more. This was previously denied by many sceptics and allied scientists  between  them Prof. Ernst who signs this study and who, for many years, has denied the efficacy of homeopathy..

I believe that this paper is a good starting point for discussions between the two approaches:  homeopathy and conventional medicine in order to be discovered each other’s strengths and  weaknesses.
Source : George Vithoulkas & Eswara das

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    • I am astonished to hear the news of side effects in Homeopathy. I am almost practicing Homeopathy for the past 35 years and mostly haven’t come across any side effects. I may be unaware of such side effects. Any way I would like to know more about side effects in Homeo for the sake of my patients and my self. Please do advice on this and oblige,Doctor.

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