Scope of Homeopathy in Bahrain

bahrainImmense opportunities for talented homeopathic practitioners at Bahrain
Those who wish to practice at Bahrain- the rich and beautiful Arabian Island, Ministry issuing license certificate

Official Contact:
The Office of Licensure and Registration
Ministry of Health
Bahrain. Arabian Gulf
Ph: 255555 Fax : 252569

Five Years of professional/Clinical experience necessary
Written & Viva Voce will be there
Residence status is required for practice

New License
Here you can learn about the key steps of obtaining a new license for allied health professionals in Bahrain.

Key Steps
1. Apply for a position as an allied health professional in Bahrain and get a job offer (non-Bahrainis only)
2. Obtain a work permit from your prospective employer (non-Bahrainis only)
3. Retrieve an application form from your prospective employer, or the Licensure Office, or download it from the website
4. Get a medical fitness exam at Al Razy Health Center (Phone (973) 1 725 6888) in order to get a health fitness certificate (for locals only, non-locals should do fitness test upon arrival to Bahrain)
5. Fill out the application form
7. The Licensure Office will contact you to schedule an exam
8. Take the exam at the appropriate department in the Ministry of Health
9. The allied health committee and allied profession registrar will review your file, make a decision regarding licensure and prepare your license
10. Receive notification that your license has been approved or rejected from Licensure Office either by phone, email or mail
11. If approved, go to the cashier at the Directorate of Finance at the Ministry of Health and pay the license fee
12. Bring your receipt to the Licensure Office where you can pick up the license

Application Forms
Here you can download the forms that you need to fill out and submit together with important documents in order to obtain a license.

Application Form for initial license to practice Click

Initial license registration BD 20
Renewal of license registration BD 20

License fees should be paid at the cashier in the Directorate of Finance at the Ministry of Health.

Note: Please do not send any CV, job application or any other documents via email to the Health Information Directorate. Applying to a particular job advertisement should be made to the Human Resources Directorate.

Mailing address Ministry of Health
Office of Licensure and Registration
P.O. Box: 12
Kingdom of Bahrain

Website of MOH
Official Website of Kingdom of Bahrain :
Bahrain International Airport :

Rufaedah Building, 3rd Floor
Opening hours Sunday-Thursday 7.00-14.00
Telephone +973 -1 727 9899
Fax +973 -1 723 2614

Contact persons
Dr. Tawfeeq Naseeb
Chief of Licensure and Registration


  1. If Ministry of Health is interested to start a educational Institute for research in Modern Islamic Medicine I have an experience of teaching and Managing the Institutes and Research Center as about 20 years. The Modern Islamic Medicine provides a lot of range of Internal medicine for surgical Diseases i.e. Renal stones, Gall bladder stone, Neurological disorders Spinal stenosis, bulging of spinal disc , Melancholia Schizophrenia, Migraine,Sexual weakness (Male and Female) Vaginal stenosis and infections and Impotency, Diabetes etc.,etc.,

  2. I found your policy very nice I am M.D. in Homeopathy and want to give services and establishing own clinic and hospital at par excellence I have a specialization in cancer , AIDS., Renal failure Liver disorder of every kind. Auto immune Diseases and researched the Medicine to Enhanced the Natural immunity given by Allah i.e.Kuwate-Difha (Defense Mechanism)

    • I am also A medical Scientist and working on Modern Islamic Medicine .Making medicine with Honey and cured a lot of cases which are incurable declared by Allopathy conventional or orthodox medicine and publishing an International journal on Modern and Scientific Medicine namely Acta Clinica Scientia as Editor-in-Chief.

  3. Dear Honorable Ministry of Health ,
    i found this site very interesting,easy to use/understand & full of information.
    well i am interesting either establishing own clinic/ do job in honorable health ministry as a alternative doctor.
    thank you,

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