Scope of Homeopathy Ayurveda Alternative medicine in Bahrain

How to practice Homoeopathy Ayurveda and other Complementary Alternative systems in Bahrain
(Last updated Sept 2020)

Dr Mansoor Ali K R
Professor, Govt Homoeopathy Medical College, Calicut, Kerala, India
Independent Licence owner, MOH UAE

Immense opportunities for talented homeopathic and other alternative  practitioners in  Bahrain
Those who wish to practice at Bahrain- the rich and beautiful Arabian Island, Ministry issuing license certificate.

Bahrain, officially the Kingdom of Bahrain, is a sovereign state in the Persian Gulf. The island nation comprises a small archipelago made up of 40 natural islands and an additional 51 artificial islands, centered around Bahrain Island which makes up around 83 percent of the country’s landmass.

The economy of Bahrain is heavily dependent upon oil and gas. The Bahraini currency is the second-highest-valued currency unit in the world. Since the late 20th century, Bahrain has heavily invested in the banking and tourism sectors. The country’s capital, Manama is home to many large financial structures.

The Supreme Council of Health (SCH) in Kingdom of Bahrain is pleased to present the unified Healthcare professionals Qualification Requirements (PQR) which represents a milestone towards fulfilling the kingdom’s objectives to improve the healthcare service provision across the country. 

Licensure General Requirements  for
All professionals must submit a complete license application prior to being permitted to appear for the licensure examination. Once a license application is approved, an eligibility code will be generated for the applicant and sent to him/her through the online system. 

All applicants must fulfil all the following requirements in order to qualify for licensure:

Educational Qualifications
Qualification when needed must be nationally accredited by the Ministry of Education in Bahrain/ Higher Education Council (HEC)

Qualifications must be issued by institutions/ colleges recognized in home country

At the entry level, minimum qualification requirement is high school certificate as per country specific education.

Qualifications are evaluated in accordance to the following criteria:

    • The country and institution from which the qualification was awarded
    • The level of national /international recognition of the qualification
    • The duration and content of study, and the presence of clinical practice/ practical training.
    • Qualifications acquired through honorary nature, correspondence or distance learning are not counted towards the PQR requirements.

Qualifications not mentioned in this document may be evaluated and reviewed by NHRA which may grant the applicant with the appropriate title.

Professional License and Good Standing Status
The applicant must be registered and have a valid professional license to practice, or registration (where applicable) from home country and/or country of last employment. The applicant must provide evidence of meeting the minimum required experiences for the applied title.

Good Standing Certificate (GSC) must meet the following requirements:

  • Valid and not older than six (6) months at the time of application for licensure 
  • Issued by the professional regulatory and licensing authority in the country(s) of last employment. NHRA may request more evidence or conduct investigations if deemed necessary to prove the status of good conduct of the healthcare professional. 
  • The applicant must declare that he/she has never been convicted with any legal cases, medical malpractice during his/ her practice of the healthcare profession or he/she is currently under investigation. 
  • For Kerala doctors, GSC will be available online from TCMC website Fee 5000 Rs. for Good standing certificate. You need to send attested copies of registration certificates.

Renewal of Licenses
CAM practitioners must accumulate a minimum of 10 CME/CPD hours annually. CME/CPD must be relevant to the field. 

All CAM healthcare professionals applying for licensure must fulfil the following requirements in addition to all the requirements mentioned in chapter one: 

1) Obtained scientific degrees legally certified by the competent official authorities.
2) Certificates and official documents that indicate acquiring the practical training after graduation, stating the name and address of the organization where the training has been held and according to the procedures of the Authority.
3) Valid first aid course certificate.
4) Certificate of medical fitness issued by the competent medical committee. 

Classification of the licenses to practice complementary and alternative medicine fields
The licenses for alternative and complementary medicine fields shall be classified according to the academic qualification held by the applicant, into the following categories: 

  1. Practitioner of complementary and alternative medicine. 
  2. Technician of complementary and alternative medicine. 

Physician holder of BA in Homeopathy medicine; a study of no less than four years, or holder of a recognized certificate in the field, for a study of no less than three years. 


  • The applicant’s experience must be relevant to the category applied for, and must have been accomplished in an appropriate setting licensed by the professional regulatory and licensing authority in the country of practice 
  • The non-Bahraini practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine shall have to acquire experience of no less than two years after the academic qualification. 

Exams are online
All examination fees should be paid to Prometric Company 

  • The candidate may choose an examination center at his home country at a date and time convenient for him/her. 
  • Once the candidate passes the examination, the result should be submitted to NHRA in order for the licensing process to be completed, and only then will a letter addressed to LMRA be issued. 
  • Should the candidate fail the examination he may request another Eligibility Code from NHRA. 
  • The applicant may attempt the licensure examination four consecutive times provided that the attempts are done within a maximum of three years from the date of the first attempt. 
  • An applicant who fails four consecutive times is required to go through a period of training of a minimum of six months and provide proof of completion of the required training. 
  • After proof of completion of training, the applicant may attempt the licensure examination twice again provided that the attempts are within two years from the date of completion of the training period. 
  • Candidates who fail all examination attempts will not be licensed in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

The pass mark will be 60 for all professionals
Any examination attempted without the approval of NHRA will not be accepted. 

Annual License Registration & Renewal Fees:
Registration fee
New License 50
Renewal 40

Apply online : 

Prometric website link : 

Data Flow : 

Contact : Allied health Professionals : 

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Paid MCQs

Bahrain Healthcare Professional Licensing Standards-Complementary and Alternative Medicine March 2017 

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