Scope of Homeopathy in Saudi Arabia

Saudi FlagGovernment of KSA started secretary level office for giving approval to complementary and alternative systems of Medicine. This will offer immense job opportunity to homeopaths.

Many allopathic hospital like Al-Saad already started recruiting homeopathic doctors but offering comparatively low salary because homeopathy is not popular in Saudi Arabia. Since this is the largest country with wide population in middle east many homeopaths can have job prospects there.

The cabinet approved a number of decisions including:
First: Establishing a national centre for alternative and complementary medicine within the Ministry of Health. The center shall be a national body to which all issues related to the activities of alternative and complementary medicine shall be referred. The center shall be directly linked to the Minister of Health.

Second: Seeking help from a consultative committee of officials and specialists in alternative and complementary medicine comprising representatives of a number of ministries, public institutions and government bodies concerned with health affairs in addition to the private sector.

The Centre shall get help from experts in the field of complementary and alternative medicine from abroad.

Third: The center shall undertake the following tasks:
1.Developing the foundations, standards, requirements and controls for practicing the profession of alternative and complementary medicine.

2. Conducting surveys, studies and research on complementary and alternative medicine.

3. Issuing licenses for the practice of alternative and complementary medicine.

4. Developing controls and standards to maintain the documentation of alternative and complementary medicine, especially Islamic and Arab medicine.

Practice of alternative medicine in Saudi Arabia got a boost on Monday with the Council of Ministers approving the setting up of a National Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

The Center will serve as a national referral authority on alternative and complementary medicine (ACM). It will be directly linked to the Minister of Health and it can seek the help of foreign ACM specialists, a Council statement said.

Alternative medicine commonly includes naturopathy, chiropractic, herbalism, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, hypnosis, bodywork, homeopathy and diet-based therapies.

Saudi Gazette :


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