Single dose cures by Homoeopathy

Dr V Krishnamurthy 

This is a report on Lesser Known Medicines after forty-two years of rigorous and vigorous search, study and clinical verifications. The findings and teachings in this book are inconceivably beyond everything on medical treatment.

Dengue fever cured in just an hour’s time: The dreaded dengue fever is cured in an hour’s time by chewing just one pill of the homoeo remedy Bryonia-1000x.  No need to repeat at all! Even those admitted in hospital for dengue got total relief in an hour’s time by taking one pill of Bryonia-1000x and they asked for voluntary discharge and returned home. Platelet count etc. comes to normal in a week. 5ml pack of 150 pills is available with the author of this book by sending us Rs.300=00. (150 patients can be cured!)

For Chikunguniya: Give one pill of Boletus laricis, otherwise called Polyporus Officinale-1000x, chewable, any time. No need to repeat at all! no diet restrictions.  5ml pack of 150 pills is available with the author of this book by sending us Rs.300=00. (150 patients can be cured!)

We have given in the following pages only those time-tested methods

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A teacher is he who makes difficult things easy. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

For Malaria: Before sunrise, pluck a leaf of the madar plant (G¸US) (found in almost every street corner by the side of a dilapidated or abandoned building). Collect in a spoon one drop of the milky juice flowing from the place where you have plucked a leaf, put that juice inside a piece of palm gur(£ùÚöÁÀ»®) and give to the malaria patient to swallow, first thing in morning on empty stomach  before sunrise, (After sunrise that juice is poisonous.) Malaria is completely cured. So for we have cured fifty-nine cases; no failure!

One minute permanent cure of chronic/recurrent ear pain:  Take a piece of thin cotton cloth 1 inch x 1 inch, and place it on the table. Put a solid  (not powdered) asafoetida, the size of a mustard or pepper at the center of the cloth. Now hold the four courners of the cloth with your right hand fingers and lift it; hold the center of the bottom of the cloth together with the asafoetida with your left hand fingers; twist the cloth till it becomes stiff. Now insert the twisted cloth, the end with asafoetida into the ear as far as it goes and hold for one-minute. Ear pain stops. Then pull out the cloth. The asafoetida inside the cloth also coming out. The purpose of putting the asafoetida inside a piece of cloth is that it should not remain inside the ear beyond one minute.

Mr. Rajan (Phone: 9444314892) reports that his daughter used to get pain in ear once in six months and it would be cured by giving allopathic medicines for three days. This has happened more than three to four times, every time patient suffering with ear pain for three days.  After he did the above asafoetida treatment, not only she was completely cured in a minute, but also their is no relapse even after three years.

Internal cancer: (excluding open cancer and blood cancer): Take exactly one thousand lime fruits, (G¾ªaø\) cut across all of them into two, extract the juice and keep it aside. Roast the skin and nuts in a clean and big pan (using firewood got by cutting a fifty-year old tamarind or neem tree) for 4 to 9 hours using long handled ladle (Pµsi) to continuously stir/dig around, so that the lime skins do not stick at the bottom of the pan. After continuously roasting for 3-5 hours, the lime skins and nuts become pitch black. Continue stirring till the inside bottom of the iron pan glows like fire. Then the darkened lime skins start burning. Continue to stir non-stop, with the help of two or three persons’. After the contents become ash the glowing fire disappears. Allow it to cool down (4-8 hours), then collect the ash in a clay saucer or cup, add sufficient lime juice (already kept aside in the beginning) and mix as a paste; then spread it on 2-3 clay saucer. Allow to dry for a day, then gently scrub and collect in a glass bottle. One pinch taken (any time) dry on tongue (chewable) has completely cured internal cancer. Rate of success: 95%. No need to repeat. Avoid bitter gourd for six months. Those preparing this for the first time should do so with the help of the author of this book. Preparing the medicine with less number of lemons does not have any effects.

You may come to Chennai to learn the method of preparing this medicine.

Those who want one dose of this cancer medicine may send us Rs.6,500=00.

For Personality Improvement to the Core: If a person without cancer takes this one dose, it not only prevents cancer for ten years, but also
it opens a new chapter in his life. Rejuvenating, rejuvenation
is the key-word for the effects of taking this one dose cancer medicine.  Many persons call it elixir of life.  Your wits are sharpened, vitality increases and you feel young both in body and mind. Week after week you will find gradual and remarkable changes.

Our students have been reporting that the following diseases have also been cured by one dose of this cancer medicine.

(a) Fibroid tumour in uterus.  Brain tumour.

(b) Ovary cyst and polycystic ovaries.

(c) Sterility/Infertility. (Both husband and wife) should take one dose. No need to repeat.

More than 90% of oxygen-dependent patients have been cured by one single dose of the homoeo remedy called Kali-nitricum-10m. Two weeks after this give one dose of another homoeo remedy called Lycopodium-10m.Should not be repeated at all.

For most of trauma cases too we have a single-dose-cure: One pill of Rescue remedy given orally to the victim, will have the following effects. (No need to repeat at all!

This is a near-panacea for medical emergencies arising from traumatic causes where life is in danger—serious accidents, burns and scalds, electric shock or poisonous bites. Put one pill into the mouth of the  victim.  (If you cannot give orally dissolve five pills in little water and apply this water anywhere on the forearm.) Moments later,

(1) Bleeding, if any, stops almost instantaneously without need for a bandage, however long or deep the cut may be.

(2) Unbearable pain is reduced to the minimum.

(3) If unconscious and the body has become ice cold, pulse/breath imperceptible, these are cured in just a minute, and the victim gets up and walks home as if nothing has happened (except where there is a fracture)––the more danger to life, the quicker the remedy acts!

(4) In case of chemical poisons and poison-bites, poison gets neutralized in no time;

(5) In case of burns and scalds, not only does the burning pain come down in less than a minute but also, simultaneously, all after-effects are prevented.

No need to repeat the dose! Just one single dose, however serious the condition of the victim may be. The more danger to life the quicker the remedy acts! Rescue Remedy is a near-panacea for traumatic cases that may otherwise end fatally.

Rescue Remedy, given by mighty Nature, not only acts as a mere first aid in trauma cases but, in most cases, completely cures the patient (even before the victim reaches a hospital) so that no other treatment is required (fractures excepted). No need to repeat!

Surgery too is trauma.  Before a few minutes or hours of major surgery, if one dose of Rescue Remedy is given orally to the patient, 150 ml of blood loss is minimised.  Also the wound heals rapidly and the patient is transferred to the ward in two days and discharged early.  Without Rescue Remedy, in such conditions it takes 7-10 days for the patient to return home.

Dr. S. MathanaGopal, M.B.B.S., D.A., (Raaj Polyclinic, 2a/2 Thiru Nagar, Dindigul-Palani Road, South Anna Nagar, Palani – 624 604 — Phone: 0454-5250274) former Anaesthetist in Govt. Hospital, Palani, in Tamil Nadu, reports:

“Thank you for introducing flower remedies to me. One hour before giving anaesthesia for surgery patients in my private practice, I give one pill of Rescue Remedy (chewable).

Compared to other patients, Rescue Remedy given thus, saves 150 to 200ml of blood loss, reduces post-surgical pain, fever, oedema etc. Thus, there is less need for giving pain-killers and antibiotics.

“In scorpion sting, snake-bite and other unknown poison bites where the patient is brought in critical condition, I give one pill orally; in addition, I dissolve five pills in half-an-ounce of plain water, soak gauze into the solution and apply it locally. Moments later, pain, swelling etc., disappear magically and much to the surprise of my colleagues.”

Sr. Claire, I.C.M., School for Deaf and Dumb, G. N. Chetty Road, Chennai-6 (Ph: 09443077935) a Christian missionary health worker, was travelling  in an omni bus from Chennai to Dindigul.  To avoid a cyclist, the bus driver applied sudden brake and the bus skidded to the extreme left side of the road and fell into a not-so-deep pit.  Next moment, shrills, screams rented the air, with crying passengers bleeding and pain.  The driver was bleeding profusely from head and his head fell on steering wheel and he was unconscious.   Sr. Claire got up from her seat, opened a phial of Bach remedy called Rescue Remedy and started putting one pill into the mouth of all the injured.  Soon the bleeding, crying etc. stopped.  She put one pill into the mouth of the driver also.  Bleeding from head stopped completely in less than a minute.  He regained consciousness, got up and started walking as if nothing had happened to him! The passengers got down, pushed the bus to the centre of the road and continued the journey, what would otherwise be the arrival of an ambulance, hospitalisation of the injured, stranded passengers waiting for another bus etc.

With Rescue Remedy in your pocket you are a trauma specialist !

New Subject.

90% cases of migraine, headache, allergy, sinusitis, spondylitis, lumbago, menses complaints, constipation, acidity and host of other diseases are cured completely and permanently.  with3-minute treatment given once only!  No knowledge of anatomy, physiology etc. are required.

CHINESE ACUPRESSURE (No needles and no drugs).  Just 3-minute treatment given once only and for a day only (as taught by us in our 2-day personal course). This method is excellent in all medical emergencies arising from traumatic causes (serious accidents, burns & scalds, poison-bites or electric shock) where life is in danger or where patient may die even before reaching a hospital. Also, acute diseases like fever, diarrhoea, constipation, pains, tension sleeplessness etc. are relieved in just 3-minute self-treatment given once only.

Our 2-DAY COURSE IS SUFFICIENT TO LEARN AND MASTER this Acupressure treatment.  Course con-ducted on Saturday &Sunday  (3 p.m. to 6 p.m.) of every month. Fees: Rs.18,000=00.  Please do not ask for the next date of the course. First you register your name by sending Rs.18,000=00. Then 1-2 months after this we shall let you know the date.

Homoeopathy is not what you might have heard. Forget and throw away hearsays.

Homoeopathy is a single-dose-cure method of ‘Treat-yourself’ system of medicine.

WONDERS OF HOMOEOPATHY MEDICINES: The following diseases can be cured completely and permanently with one single pill of the homoeopathic remedy viz.,Crotalus horridus-10M. No need to repeat.

Hepatitis b-virus, Infective hepatitis (Jaundice), Jaundice after blood transfusion, Septicaemia, Haemophilia (Bleeders), uncomplicated cases of Leukaemia (Blood Cancer).

Many readers may ask as to how one and the same remedy can cure many diseases.  Dear reader, the terminology used in homoeopathy is something different from all other medical systems.  The keynote for use of the above said remedy is as under:

DISEASES OF BLOOD THAT THREATEN THE LIFE OF THE PATIENT can be cured completely and permanently with one single pill of the homoeopathic remedy Crotalus horridus.

We have cured the above diseases with one single pill of Crotalus-horridus-10M.  No need to repeat at all.  Rate of success: more than 95%.

The husband of a lady allopathy doctor by name Dr. Preeti, M.B.B.S. (Phone: 0839-2240206; 09980353410) (from Bellary) was in a Bangalore hospital for four days for treatment of hepatitis b-virus.  One single pill of the remedy Crotalus horridus-10M was given.  In an hour’s time he felt total relief and so got voluntary discharge and travelled five hundred kilometres by bus to go to Mantralaya Road.

More than 97% cases of osteoporosis, a presenility disease coming in old age, can be completely cured by one single pill of the homoeo remedy Selenium-10,000x.  Before giving this remedy, take a photograph of his face and compare it with his face after two months of giving the remedy.  He would be younger by ten years! Verified so far in more than hundred cases.


The foetus (baby in the uterus of the pregnant mother)
1-3 weeks prior to delivery date (so long remaining in upright position) turns upside down, and the uterus descends down in such a way that the head of the foetus remains fixed in the pelvic floor of the mother. 1-3 weeks later, at the delivery time the mouth of the uterus dilates and the child comes out. Even after the full term of ten months if the child does not turn upside down, or turns half-way and lies crosswise,

or having turned upside down, does not descend further down, fixing the head in the pelvis the attending lady doctor would say that head is still floating or is in incorrect position and so opens the abdomen to take out the child. This is called caesarean surgery. 70 to 90 per cent of caesarean surgeries at the present day are conducted solely for this reason.

At this time if the patient is given one dose of the homoeo medicine Pulsatilla-10M, in the next twenty-four hours it would be a normal and safe delivery.

In the reference book Accoucheur’s Emergency Manual by Dr. W. A. Yingling, M.D., of U.S.A. we find the following :

“Abnormal presentations may be righted if Pulsatilla is given before the membranes are ruptured or the presenting parts are firmly engaged…”

In a maternity hospital, Pollachi Road, Dharapuram, Tamilnadu, by using Pulsatilla and other remedies there has not been even a single caesarean for the past several years and the lady doctor in-charge has put up a board “Caesarean-free’’ Clinic. The Dharapuram Lions Club has given her a certificate testifying to this.

Let us now see further actual cases cured with one dose.

Case:  A 5-month pregnant lady was told by her doctor that the growth of the foetus (child in the womb) had only 3-month growth and since there was no medicine to make it grow it was better to terminate the pregnancy.

The reference book Knerr’s Repertory was consulted.  On page 1144 (under the chapter pregnancy) the following was found.

Pregnancy—foetus—arrested development: Sec. the contraction for the name of the homoeo remedy Secalecornutum.

How to buy remedies from the homoeo drug stores? Do not ask orally. Hand over a slip after writing therein as under:

5ml pills

Secale cor. – 10M

This costs about fifty rupees and it contain about 150 pills. Now just give one pill only and it is not at all to be repeated. The remaining 149 pills are for use for other 149 patients. No diet restriction.

One pill of the remedy Secale cor. was given to the above patient and she was asked to repeat the scan after 45 days; next time the scan report showed full growth of the foetus. She went to her lady doctor with that scan report and the latter was surprised and could not believe that one pill could make this baby grow further! That is homoeopathy.

Not Just That!

More shocking is that more than ninety-nine per cent of homoepaths do not have a copy of the above said Knerr’s Repertory! So also, book at Sl. No. 2 on page 17 is not there with most homoepaths.  Even the negligible number of doctors having these books either have never used them or don’t know how to use them.

After attending our 7-Sunday classes (9 a.m. to 12 noon) you can easily master the use of the above books and you can definitely cure more patients with one single dose.

The following are reports (from those who have bought the above books and who have attended just seven personal Sunday classes) should convince any reader to buy the books listed on page 18 and use them:

“I have many cases to report to you where I have cured patients (after failure in the hands of allopaths and homoeopaths) with one single dose only.”

Case:  Prof. S. Raghunathan, former director and H.O.D. of Computer dept. in AlagappaChettiar College of  Engg. Technology, Karaikudi (now living in Bangalore—phone no. 080-66187919, 09902952539) reports how he cured almost instantaneously the toothache of his wife at midnight without the need to rush to a doctor at odd hour:

“Dear Dr. Krishnaamurthy,  Thank you for introducing me to homoeopathy and the wonderful book Dr. Calvin B. Knerr’s Repertory.  One night my wife got up and complained of toothache.  I was not owning a vehicle to go to a doctor.
I opened Knerr and went through the remedies discribed under ‘Toothache’.  My eyes stopped at the following:

TOOTHACHE—at night only, compelling one to rise and walk about:  Mag-c.

Yes, she was walking up and down the room.  I have almost all homoeo remedies. I gave her only one pill of the remedy Magnesia carb.,the pain stopped and she went to bed and slept.

“Dear doctor, the shocking thing is why no homoeopath is having nor using Knerr’s Repertory.  God alone can save homoeopathy.”

Learn Homoeopathy the easy and only  correct way – Only if you want to cure yourself  and others with one single dose.

Books by Dr. V. Krishnaamurthy

Wilkinson’s Materia Medica : Rs.950=00

Advanced Homoeo Practice : Rs.950=00

Final Materia Medica of Mind Symptoms : Rs.250=00

British Encyclopaedia of  Medical Practice  (12 Volumes) for Diagnosis & Differential

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