The better results homeopaths get,the stronger the attack they face in Kerala!

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

There are some paid internet activists in Kerala, attacking homeopathy, the system of medicine that helps millions of people all over the world. They are even making fun of our master Hahnemann, the one who dedicated the whole life for serving the humanity.

Luckily we have strong support from the general public as well as from the government. This is the after effect of many successful case reports from various sectors of Homeopathy. Also the formation of AYUSH Department (in which ‘H’ stands for Homeopathy) has irritated them. There are no vacant seats in all homeopathic colleges, also the same in nearby states are full, another cause of irritation. Fixing an appointment with many homeopaths here is not that easy.

The patients in our government dispensaries are more, also the private sector. You get a homeopath in every streets in Kerala. Even in a bus, you can see minimum one or two homeopaths! We get many new patients who try Homeopathy for the first time; many of them are well educated in science subjects, including modern medical doctors and scientists. Even some modern medical doctors prescribe homeopathic medicines successfully. In spite of spending money for marketing, their cases come for Homeopathic treatment.

The recent reports of several infertility cures, both in govt and private sector has also irritated them. Now ‘family doctor’ is almost endangered in many places, but that tradition is successfully continued by we homeopaths. We do disease prevention, and save many people from money wastage and side effects of various epidemics.
We manage cases with minimum expenditure and no side effects. So, existence of Homeopathy is a real threat to some vested groups.

Now there is a research project started in Kerala, which has irritated some critics due to obvious reasons. Of course, we have some limitations as every system in this world has some kind of limitation. One day, we all will leave this world in spite of development in medical science. So, no system is 100% perfect.

I request our honorable CCH members, CCRH authorities, Homeopathic organizations, teachers, Homeopathic pharmaceutical companies, HMCs, practitioners, students, patients who prefer homeopathy, and all our friends to give us moral support to face the media attacks against Homeopathy.

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  1. good article..very true .. no system is 100% perfect .. even not homeopathy, also not allopathy. But inspite of a better science than allopathy our homeopathy is still not the ‘ first chosen’ mode of treatment for patients worldwide. How it would be if we could make it the first choice for each person in any major disease whether it be chronic renal failure, AIDS, TB, stroke or any multi organ damage disease — solely treated by homeopathy with CONFIDENCE AND SUCCESS. I wish i can see that status of homeopathy in public.Let us try our best!!

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