Symposium on Pharmacokinetic & Pharmacodynamic Homeopathy

On 27th April 2013

Organised by IHMA Trivandrum chapter 

At Asramom Guest House Kollam. Kerala

Faculty : Mr. Nirmal Ghosh Nano X Research laboratory

Step Up… Reach Out… Work Together and Make it Happen…

With people moving into the era of data, proof and technology; one of the vital criticism, pointed at the face of Homoeopathy is “The Pharmacokinetic roots of Homoeopathy medicines”.

Nanotechnology provides Homoeopaths with a golden opportunity to prove the dynamicity of the action of medicines used in our therapeutic practice, with the much needed scientific aid now available to us by the field nanotechnology.

To reach out, this breakthrough to our fellow Homoeopaths and to develop a kinship with our friends in nanotechnology, the IHMA Trivandrum chapter has hereby organized a symposium in Kollam district on 27th April 2013.

The session will be honored by a delegate from the Nano-X Research Laboratory, Mr. Nirmal Ghosh who has kindly agreed to work with us in this project of proving the dynamic kinetics of Homoeopathy medicines. He will be presenting to us his ideas on “Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic aspects of Homeopathic medicines on the basis of Nanocatalysis”.

A mutual exchange of knowledge with the proper understanding of the two fields of homoeopathy and nanotechnology is what this discussion primarily aims at. This session will act as a stepping stone towards the larger picture of raising Homoeopathy to a scientific level among the public. Following this, a core committee would likely be formed in order to work towards this goal in alliance with the fellow brothers in nanotechnology.

IHMA envisions this project to develop in future, for which a series of seminars and discussions will be held at the academic and state level as well. Through a gradual contribution of time and knowledge we can make this happen, for the need to prove our pharmacokinetics is a major responsibility that rests on the shoulders of each Homoeopath. So let’s come together and make this vision a reality.

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