Tug of war between Ayush Ministry and CCH- admissions will be delayed in 2018

Dr Mansoor Ali

Because of the tug of war between Central Council of Homoeopathy and Ayush Ministry admissions to Homoeopathy Medical Colleges will be delayed in 2018 also.

As per Ministry of Ayush’s order dated September 2017 time-bound inspection of homoeopathy colleges should be complete by March 31st of every year. Unfortunately up to the time no consent from Ayush Ministry to Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH) to start inspection procedures. 

The executive committee of the council held on 21.02.2018 informed the Ministry – that as per HCC act of 1973, there is no need of year wise inspection required to colleges established prior to March 2003. Since Section 12 A (annual basis inspection by the Government)  is applicable to colleges established after 2003 only. Mumbai high court also issued a judgment based on this act of 1973. Council informed all colleges that, there is no inspection required for colleges established prior to March 2013. 

Immediately after that Ministry of Ayush issued a letter on 02.05.2018  to all state governments – which categorically stated that all homoeopathy medical colleges, including colleges prior to 2003 need inspection. “No homoeopathy colleges shall undertake admission without previous permission Central Government for Academic Year 2018-19. In this regard, the state government is requested to ensure strict compliance”.

Ministry is planning to table the National Commission of Homoeopathy Bill on Monsoon session (July) of parliament which will dissolve central council of Homoeopathy.  This may be the reason for not allowing CCH to inspect colleges. Then Govt may directly conduct the inspections. 

But as of last parliament session, NMC bill and many other bills were not tabled because of commotion, this may ultimately lead to delay in admissions, unless by an ordinance at least in August. 

NEET UG will be on May 6, and NEET PG will be on 23 June. If these problems are not resolved immediately – as of 2017, 2018 admissions are also delayed unnecessarily. 


CCH letter to Ayush

Ministry’s letter to state Governments 

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