Utility of minimum dose in the treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism -a case report

Dr. Vinod Kalmgera


Background: Hypothyroidism is a hypo metabolic state resulting from inadequate secretion of thyroid hormones characterized by a general reduction in metabolic function that manifest as slowing of physical and mental activity. The main line of conventional system of medicine is to provide thyroid hormone for the rest of life of the patient. Besides some adverse effects, the treatment cost of the therapy impels the patients to seek alternative therapy.

Case Summary: Here, a case report of 32-year-old female, with irregular menses and subclinical hypothyroidism which was treated with individualized homoeopathic medicine without any conventional supplement, over a period of 7-months months and after follow up of another three months, there were no recurrence of illness and patient is asymptomatic till date. The TFT (Thyroid profile test) reports confirmed the diagnosis of Subclinical Hypothyroidism. On the basis of the totality of characteristic symptoms and analysis by repertorisation, homoeopathic medicine Sepia was prescribed and there is no repetition was done till date.

The patient showed stable improvement in the domain of signs and symptoms gradually. The Serial TFT reports during follow up visit – showed improvement provided documentary evidence about the effectiveness of homoeopathic medicines to stimulate thyroid gland to produce normal production of hormone. So, this case study highlights the positive role of Homoeopathy which can serve as a possible treatment option for the Subclinical Hypothyroidism along with the importance of relationship of remedies to complete the cure.

Keywords: Case report, Individualized Homoeopathy, Subclinical Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Profile Test.


K/C/O Hypothyroidism for past 12 years and menstrual irregularity for 12 years.

Patient is known Hypothyroidism for 12 years which was detected during her first pregnancy. During her pregnancy she has taken allopathic medications. Doctors has told her its common during pregnancy, once your delivery is done your hypothyroid will be normal and you can discontinue medications. After 2 months of delivery patient discontinued her medication on her own, thinking it would be normal. However, since then she is having irregular menses, it maybe once in 15/30/60/90 days. Consulted nearby doctor done some lab investigations and USG told it’s because of Hypothyroid and PCOD doctors have advised to continue hypothyroid medication, initially she has taken medication for around 3 months then she stopped. she is not on any medications since then. Since two months not attained her menses.

This case report provides significance of individualization and conclusive fact which shown the potential role of homoeopathy in reversing the functional disturbance of thyroid gland where SEPIA was prescribed as an individualized medicine, hormonal imbalance can be permanently restored with suitable Homoeopathic Constitutional Medicines.

The outcome of this case report will improve the knowledge of the clinicians in suggesting proper patient management, which will benefit the patients suffering from Primary hypothyroidism. Although, as this is a single case study, further well-designed studies may be taken up for scientific validation. So, that it can provide advantage into clinical practice.

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