Vaccination in light of Homoeopathy 

Journal review by Dr Bhagyasree B  MD(Hom)
Medical Officer, Department of Homoeopathy, Govt. of Kerala 

Author : Dr Smitha Bhrahmachari MD
Journal : Homoeo Buzz
Vol:4, No:7 July 2009  

Hahnemann was convinced of the effects of vaccination for the eradication of Small Pox. Esp the evidence from the experiments of Dr Edward Jenner. 

In 5th edition – aph 46
In 6th edition -foot note to aph 56 


Vaccinosis- Book by J Compton Burnett 

vaccination can profoundly disturbing and lasting influences on the health of the susceptible individuals. 

Many cases are dramatically benefited by the administration of potentized preparation of the particular vaccine used. 

Best of Burnett
Protective power of vaccination is due to a diseased state of the body.
Vaccinate may not be ill in ordinary sense but must be in a subdued morbid state. 

In an article published in South England Journal revealed after continuous researches the area where too much vaccination is given for Pox disease, that particular area of the world shows increased prevalence of AIDS. 

Science of Homoeopathy

Without considering the individuality,Concept of vaccination is exactly opposite to the principles of Homoeopathy. 

Vaccines creates only a spurious immunity with destruction of the normal susceptibility. 

It sets up a morbid condition instead of a healthy one with degeneration of the physical plane. 

Using disease tissue is isopathy, not homoeopathy, and thus using vaccine is not 

an example of the law of similars in action, but the law of identicals or isopathy 

In the recent times attempts were made to discover prophylactics First vaccine- vaccine against small pox by Jenner in 1798 

The first and most celebrated prophylactic was discovered by Dr Hahnemann, the preventive of scarlet fever BELLADONNA 

He reasoned a remedy that is capable of checking a disease at its onset must be its best preventive. 

Belladonna is a medicine that was found to be capable of curing scarlet fever in its early stage. 

Dr Hering in 1830 suggested that the preventive of many diseases in their morbid products. 

Eg: the saliva of a rabid dog might be prophylactic for hydrophobia, epidemic and miasmatic diseases found their prophylactic in their own seeds. 

Vaccines are indiscriminately administered to everyone regardless of state of health or individual sensitivity.  

For the treatment of vaccinosis it is better to administered 1st a constitutional remedy which is truly indicated to the case. 

Vaccinosis is a set of symptoms like other disease condition and as such is to be dealt like other cases in homoeopathy. 

ANTIM TART: bad effects of vaccination when Thuja failed and Silicea not indicated. Drowsiness, debility and sweat are the characteristic symptoms of the drug. 

BELLADONNA: erythema, indurations and nodule formation after vaccination. High fever with convulsion, redness and hot face. 

MEZERIUM: eruption after vaccination, eczema with intolerable itching, ulcer formation which is surrounded by vesicles and shiny red areola. Eruption ulcerates and forms thick scabs under which purulent matter emits. 

SARASAPARILLA: eruption following hot weather and vaccination. Urinary complaints after vaccination. 

SEPIA: easy fainting , falling of hair, herpis circinatus,urticaria, icthyosis with offensive odour of skin. 

SILICEA: bad effects of vaccination especially abscess formation and convulsions. Quincy, keloid growth, epilepsy. Inflammation swelling ansuppuration of various glands of the body. 

SULPHUR: skin eruptions such as papular, pustular, pimply eruptions. Rhagades, hangnails, burning vertex headache 

THUJA: many renowned stalwarts of homoeopathy have agreed with Burnets view. According to him Thuja is a very efficatious remedy for for the treatment of vaccinosis. If the pt says ‘I have never been well since I have vaccinated’- then we think first of Thuja. Multiple flat or pedenculated warts, spongy tumours, rapid emaciation and exhaustions. 

V ACCININUM: symptoms like that of Hahnemann’s sycosis. Neuralgia inveterate skin eruptions, indigestion with great flatulent dyspepsia 

MALANDRINUM: ill effects of vaccination. Efficatious in clearing of the remnants of cancerous deposit. Dry scaly skin with itching.  

VARIOLINUM : used for internal vaccination. Headache,deafness and excruciating back ache, hot fever anf profuse bad smelling sweat etc.

Anti miasmatic remedy
Useful after complex diseases arising after vaccination. 

In spite of proper treatment cure is impossible unless suitable anti miasmatic remedy is administered. 

If we see from the statistical point of view in spite of the bad effects of vaccination sometimes it shows its effectiveness since Hahnemann’s time. Small pox have now been totally eradicated due to the effectiveness of vaccination. Poliomyelitis, diphtheria and other childhood diseases are gradually decline from time to time. 

We as a homoeopath can successfully prevent infectious diseases by our non toxic genuine Homoeopathic drugs 

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