Viremedy, homeopathic remedies & Energy healing remedies

Kamyar Esmaeili, M.D. 

DOMAIMS: Information-including Remedies, Viremedy (Bio-remedy) & Vitherapy (Bio-therapy), Ultra High Dilutions (UHDs), Integrative Medicine, Holistic Medicine (Wholistic Medicine), Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), Naturopathic Medicine, Unconventional Medicine, Information Medicine, Energy Medicine (EM), Homeopathy (Homoeopathy), Biology, Physics, Medicine. 

Information-including remedies are the remedies as the Homeopathic Remedies, the so-called Energy Healing Remedies, and Viremedy. Viremedy, as a particular type of the “Information-including Remedies”, raises Vitality and degree of the vital (biological) potentials fulfillment in the living being in framework of its nature.

In this synopsis, considering the related facts and experiments, the “Physical Essence” and “Action Mechanism” of these remedies have been explicated by presenting the relevant theories. Besides, Viremedy, its origin, and the related topics, as some controlled experiments conducted about the remedy effect on vitality in various living beings and some points about the cure course motivated by Viremedy, the remedy application manner and its possible use together with some other preventive & therapeutic methods and tools, have been mentioned. 

KEY WORDS & EXPRESSIONS:Information-including Remedies, Viremedy (Bio-remedy, Unique Remedy, Basic Remedy), Vitherapy (Bio-therapy), Ultra-high Dilutions (UHDs), Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), Homeopathy (Homoeopathy), Energy Medicine (EM), Integrative Medicine, Extremely Diluted Solutions (EDS), Naturopathic Medicine, Holistic Medicine (Wholistic Medicine), Information Medicine, Unconventional Medicine, Energy Therapy (Energy Healing), Remedy, Homeopathic Remedy, Energy Healing Remedy, Physical Essence, Mechanism of Action, Quantum Physics (Quantum Mechanics), Subtle Body, Parallel Body, Parallel Existence, Subtle Energy, Biofield Energy, Vitality, Vital Potentials (Biological Potentials), Resistance Against Stress, Controlled Study, Experimental Study, Tunnel Effect, Free Electron, Matter Wave (De Broglie Wave), Vibration, Information Exchange, Information Field, Information Quanta, Electromagnetic Field, Memory of Substance, Memory of Water, Modern Physics, Entanglement, Local and Non-local Theories, Use Manner, Application Manner, Simultaneously Use

This synopsis has been prepared by extraction, amendment, and rearrangement of some concepts and subjects also presented in some previously published literature in the field in Persian & English [1-19 (mostly, 1 & 2)], together with presentation of some new points and discussions. More clearly describing the topics, as the origin of Viremedy, etc, in a systematic manner required this synopsis as the revision and completion of the previous literature.

Background:. There are some general similarities between “Viremedy” and the “Homeopathic Remedies” in the physical essence and general primary mechanism of action through the information induction. These remedies are types of the “Information-including Remedies”.

There are various viewpoints and theories about physical essence of the “High Dilution Remedies” (as the homeopathic remedies), action mechanism of Homeopathy in the living beings, and the related matters.

Regarding the high dilution of the homeopathic remedies, sometimes diluted beyond the Avogadro Limit, some scholars have considered the homeopathic remedies as the placebo with no specific virtue. Even, by the attitude sometimes called as “New Fundamentalism, some of the skeptics have systematically ignored and denied the facts and realities in the field.

Anyhow, as a fact, the process of the homeopathic remedy action in the living being is a multifaceted and complex phenomenon.

Likewise, there are various standpoints and controversial discussions in the so-called “Energy Medicine”, “Subtle Energy”, “Energy Healing” (as “Touch Healing”, “Distant Healing”, “Intentional Healing”, etc), and the related matters such as the wide & inclusive concept of “Subtle Body” or “Parallel Body” (also pointed as “Energy Body”).

. In this synopsis in the information-including remedies in general and “Viremedy” in particular, the outlines of some working theories about these remedies have been “concisely” mentioned. [Then, well reading and understanding this subject naturally necessitates “the expedient time and deliberation”.]

Here, some theories have been presented for “general explanation” of physical essence of the information-including remedies and their action mechanism in the living beings. These theories can explicate the existent facts and experiences in the field and methodically forecast the related phenomena. The theory stated for general clarification of physical essence of the information-includingremedies poses a new concept in the so-called “Memory” of the carrier substances including such remedies. (This theory could be counted as a so-called Local Theory.) And, the theory presented for general clarification of action mechanism of the information-includingremedies poses a particular, methodical coherence existing among the various kinds of existence, leading to the effects of this kind of remedies at various levels of the living beings. (This theory could be counted as a so-called Non-local Theory.) By relying on combination of the mentioned local and non-local theories in a unique theorizing system, getting access to the expedient ways for production and multiplication of the information-including remedies (as Viremedy), enhancing these remedies and increasing their concentrations, keeping them in suitable conditions, finding as more as effective ways in applying the remedies, and appropriately employing them together with other preventive & therapeutic methods and tools have been possible.

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