West Bengal RBSK NRHM doctors plea for salary hike as per norms

strikeMedical officers posted under School Health and related programmes under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) in west Bengal requested the authorities for salary hike as per NRHM guidelines 

The Executive Director,
West Bengal State Health & Family Welfare Samiti,
Swasthya Bhaban,Wing- B, 3rd floor,Sector 5, Saltlake, kol-700091

Sub: – Regarding Remuneration of Medical Officer (School Health)& Misc.


We, the School Health Mos (MOSH) posted in different blocks of Birbhum& serving our duties since last one year would like to make you aware about some grievances regarding our salary structure .Our points  of grievances are as follows:-

  1. At present situation we are getting Rs 25000/- as our salary. But in supplementary budget of 2012-13 (pg. no.–11) it has been clearly mentioned that Rs 40000/- ,i.e. the actual remuneration of a MO under NHM,has been approved per MO, for total 752 posts. It is also interesting to note that all the other staffs mentioned in that budget are getting their salary as per their designation & as mentioned in the budget.
  2. In reference to this we would also like to mention that now-a-days even housestaffs get more remuneration than us.
  3. As per an order vides memo no. SHFWS/Estd-552/2011/544(27) dated 22.12.2011 issued by Executive Director, WBSH&FW Samiti;all the staffs of NHM have been categorized into six categories. The salary of category one is Rs 31800/- per month. The post of MOSH has not been included in any of the six categories.It has been clearly mentioned in point no. 7 of the GO that if a new post is created for any programme it must be categorized at first. So our post should also be categorized according to. But unfortunately it not occurred yet after one year of our service.
  4. Recently an order of Executive Director, WBSH&FW Samiti videsMemo No: HFW/NRHM-170/2013/3277 dated 17.04.2013 has come to our notice describing the staff pattern & salary structure of NHM staffs.It is also clearly showing that each MO (WIFS) is getting Rs 40000/- per month. But the real scenario is quite different. It is also very painful to notice that all the other staffs mentioned in that order are getting their actual salary as mentioned in that order & as per their designation. It is also to be noted that the salary mentioned in the budget & in the order are same & all the staffs of NHM are getting the same salary except us.
  5. But in APPROVAL OF STATE PROGRAMME IMPLEMENTATION PLAN 2013-14: WEST BENGAL we find in Page 221 Approved for 2 MO per team for 376 existingteams for 12 months and for 341 new teams and 111 new teams in municipal areas for 6 months @ Rs 25000 per month as per RBSK guidelines. Conditionality Half of MOs to be women, all MOs to have four years degree from recognised institutions, State to complete recruitment by first two quarters of FY 2013-14.
  6. Further it is requested to do the needful to secure our job as stated in “APPROVAL OF STATE PROGRAMME IMPLEMENTATION PLAN 2013-14: WEST BENGAL – Page 8, SL. NO. 4 ‘sustainability of contractual human resources underRCH / NRHM and plan for their inclusion in State budget.’” 

This is the real scenario regarding our salary structure. We are being deprived in this manner & it is very painful & shameful at the same time.

It is our humble request to your kind self to take appropriate action at your earliest regarding above mentioned issues so that we can get our actual salary i.e. Rs 40000/- per MO, per Month &we may have better opportunity to provide service to secure the interest of public.

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully,
All the Medical Officer
RBSK Programme 


  1. Budget of 2012-13
  2. GO of categorization of NHM Staffs
  3. Order mentioning sanctioned posts & salary

Copy forwarded for kind information & necessary action please:

  1. The MD, NRHM, West Bengal
  2. The Principal Secretary, Dept. of Health & Family Welfare.
  3. The Chairman, Pay Parity Committee & Special Secretary, Dept. of H&FW
  4. Addl. Mission Director & Jt. Secretary,Dept. of H&FW
  5. The Member Secretary, Pay Parity Committee.
  6. The State Nodal officer, AH & RBSK
  7. CMOH, Birbhum District


  1. I am working Rbsk more in Karnataka we got salary less but same duration mos DRA almost dabul please whey that much different please claryfay and give sujest nhm Directer.

  2. we in GUJARAT get only 20000 rs per month. pity on us.please do something make contact with others to get benefited

  3. I am working in karnataka under nrhm. Here doctors are payed only 14000 per month. Please any one help us .contact me

  4. I am working in nrhm under school health mission .in uttrakhand
    but I and our team got only 22000 rupees .
    whole doctor under nrhm got same salary.
    . But in
    supplementary budget of 2012-13 (pg. no.–
    11) it has been clearly mentioned that Rs 40000.
    got under nrhm doctors.

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