Why AYUSH not involved in health programme formulation? – PC

Parliamentary Committee panel, headed by Murli Manohar Joshi, said, “The ministry owes an explanation as to why the Department of AYUSH was not being associated with the formulation of various national health programmes.” 

Noting under-utilisation of funds under National Rural Health Mission, a Parliamentary Committee has asked the Health Ministry to explain why the Department of Ayush was not associated in formulation of various health programmes. 

The Public Accounts Committee in its report on NRHM has also asked the Health Ministry to have in place an effective monitoring mechanism for proper utilisation of funds and keep a constant vigil over states which have been defaulting in their contribution to the state mission budget.

“The ministry has to streamline its monitoring system urgently so as to ensure that untied grants released to states are actually passed on to and spent by village health and sanitation committees,” the PAC said in its report.

The PAC asked the health ministry to have decentralised planning, timely preparation of state implementation plans and hold meetings of District Health Missions.

The committee, while emphasising the need for total utilisation of funds released for NRHM for tangible and speedy development of infrastructure in states, urged the ministry of Health and Family Welfare to “vigorously pursue” the Planning Commission for stipulated allocation of funds for expenditure on health. [Source]


  1. I think we all AYUSH doctors are fool who have studied, & wasted our crucial time & energy & money indoing these courses. Govt. is making money from us by providing colleges etc.but cannot include us in any National Programmes. I think HOMOEO, AYUR is good for middle & poor class families, because it is the substitute of costly surgeries in many cases.Many patients can be benefitted.

  2. first of all .the govt utilise all ayush dr post to all phc &chc.if otherwise waste for any public health programme.in past homoeo Happy mother healthy child same like ayur .unani,these are national programme where just eye wash .we know basic things I.e ship on the sea captain first then all workers under entire team.likewise govt use all ayush dr first then implement national programme.

  3. govt. is making fool to ayush doctors through nrhmwithout giving them any power and making slaves of allopathic docors

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