Why to bleed, when homeopathy can cure

Dr Divya Priya 

Abstract – Menorrhagia is dysfunctional uterine bleeding. It is prolonged bleeding. Menorrhagia is symptom not a diagnosis. It is heavy menstrual bleeding.

Keywords – prolonged menses, bleeding disorders, protracted menses.

Menorrhagia is a greek word,’ ‘men’ means menses and rhagia means burst forth. Hence Menorrhagia is defined as the menstrual blood loss exceeding more than 80 ml in a cycle or cycle extending more than 7 days there is no specific pathological causes, often contributed by imbalance in hypothalamic pituitary ovarian axis. It is dysfunctional uterine bleeding caused by anovulatory cycle resulted after unwanted oestrogen stimulation. Menorrhagia may occur due to hypothyroidism, if the deficient hormone is thyroxine. Menorrhagia has synonyms ‘hypermenorrhagia’.

Causes of Menorrhagia

General Pelvic Contraceptives Iatrogenic
Blood disorders



Thrombocytopaenia purpura

Van wille brand disease

Fibroid uterus


Pelvic endometrosis


Uterine polyps



5 – 10 %

Post sterilization – 15 %

No obvious causes – 40 – 50%

Intake of oestrogen and progesterone pills especially mini pills.
Thyroid dysfunction – hypo and hyperthyroidism.      
TB – First has Menorrhagia later has amenorrhoea.      

Classification of menorrhagia

It is classified as following  three types :

1.       Puberty menorrhagia

2.       Metropathia haemorrhagica

3.       Premenstrual Menorrhagia

1.       Puberty Menorrhagia
 This excessive bleeding occurring at puberty is due to more oestrogen or absence of progesterone in anovulatory cycle.

Anaemia is important cause which may even demand blood transfusion

2. Metropathia Haemmorhagia
This may leads to abortion, ectopic pregnancy. The maximum prevalence age is 40 – 45 years. Symptoms are typical. Parity is no way related to incidence. Most of the metropathia menorrhagia cases are preceded by amenorrhoea. Absence of pain is marked symptoms.

3. Pre meno pausal menorrhagia
This is caused by anovulatory cycle in women nearing menopause usually progesterone therapy is given. If it fails, hysterectomy is suggested.

Homeopathy in Menorrhagia
Homeopathy has a good prognosis in controlling menorrhagia. The below mentioned are the indicated remedies used from few repertories.

  1. Robin Murphy Repertory: 

Rubric – Female – menses – protracted and prolonged

  • 1 day – aspar
  • 7 days-  sabin, thuj.
  • 7 – 14 days – thuj
  • 8 – 9 days – lach, SENEC.
  • 8-10 days – plat, SEP.
  • 8 – 18 days – thalapsi
  • 10 – 12 days murx
  • 10 -14 days ust
  • 12 days –  agn, cann-I, tarent, thuj
  • 12 – 15 days – tarent 
  • 12 – 18 days –  agn
  • 14 days – coloc, xan
  • 18 days – cann –i, thuj
  1. A Concise repertory by Dr. S.R. Patak: 

Rubric – menses – protracted, too long –  NUX – V Calc, cup, lyc, sec, Carb – an, carb – v, fer, kali – c, mill, nat – m, pho, plat, psor, pul, radm, rat, rhus- t, sabi, senec, sil, vinc, vip.

  1. The concordance repertory of the materia medica :

The rubrics are seen under menstruation and discharges

Rubrics – 

  1. Menorrhagia – M. ascelp, calend, ferr, lycop, sabin.
  2. M. after exertion – Trill
  3. M. continuous flow without pain – gels
  4. M. dark clot with liquid – elaps
  5. M. from irritation of ovaries – kali.brom
  6. M. from straining – podo
  7. M. from atony of uterus – caul, china, ustil
  8. M.great weakness – ham
  9. M. large clot with dysuria – cocc – c 
  10. M. large clot during climacteric – laur
  11. M.with spasmodic pain – erig
  12. M. with a headache in vertex – cact
  13. M. with chlorosis and anaemia – cinna
  14. M.with melancholy – plat
  15. M. with induration of uterus – carb – an
  16. M. with burning across sacrum – carb – v. 
  1. Pocket manual of homeopathic materia medica and repertory:

Rubrics – Female sexual system – menstruation – type – protracted. acon, calc.s, caust, con, crot, cupr, ferr, graph, iod, kreos, lyc, nat m, nux v, phos, rhus t.

Female sexual system – menorrhagia

After miscarriage, parturition –  apis, cim, cinch, helon, kali- c,nit – ac, sab, sep, sul, thlapsi, ustil, vib, op.

every alternate period, profuse – thlapsi

  1. BBCR – 

This repertory has separate chapter for menstruation.

Rubric – menses – too long duration.


        Bar- c, bry, canth, chin, cof, croc, fer, ign, merc, puls, sabi,sep.

         Aco, am-c, ars,asar, bell, carb – v, caus, chel, cocl, kali-c, kre, rhus – t, stra, sul.

References : 

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