Why You Choose Homoeopathy—Here are 50 Reasons.

patientsWhy You Choose Homoeopathy—Here are 50 interesting Reasons

Dr. Niloy Kumar Adhikary

  • No such crude drug is used in homoeopathy, it use medicine (prepared through some special process & tested on human being).
  • Very minimum medicine is needed.
  • One medicine serves various purposes.
  • In many cases single dose is sufficient.
  • No bitter taste as another form of drug.
  • Sweet pills attract children which help to give them medicine at proper time by their mother.
  • Easy to administer, in the case of the unconscious patient only inhalation is sufficient to produce effect.
  • Sometimes acts faster than other system medicine. Even result may be observed within few seconds.
  • In many cases just take the medicines and forget to take further medicine. It may happen at one time you forget about the disease.
  • Helps to bring equilibrium/coordination within
  • In some acute common cases recovery may be observed within 1/2 days whereas in another system it takes little more days.
  • Detail case taking procedure tries to understand the patient as a whole.
  • When the patient comes for the treatment of one disease, he or she may gain the benefit for other diseases what he/she did not mention.
  • No addictive.
  • No drug dependency.
  • Helps to boost immunity.
  • No such expiry date of homoeopathic medicine. (Homoeopathic products have expiry date)
  • No side effects, only side beneficial effects.
  • Act as preventive.
  • Tendency or proneness to some diseases can be checked.
  • Medicine can be selected on many occasions just by seeing the patient without interrogating much.
  • No need to go different specialists for a different
  • Homoeopathic doctor gives emphasis on longterm benefits not only short term relief.
  • Patient can tolerate short suffering for long lasting relief or cure.
  • Cure is possible in homoeopathy, no such shifting of disease from one part to another part.
  • Treatment is possible without hazard some/expensive diagnostic procedure.
  • Medicine may be taken along with other form of treatment.
  • Patient can taper off his habitual drug if he wishes to or cannot tolerate another drug (proper analysis of the case needed & follow the guideline of the consulting physician is important).
  • Homoeopathy considers the disease in another way.
  • In some surgical diseases – surgery can be avoided.
  • Some post-surgical discomfort can be reduced
  • Expectancy of life can be increased.
  • If cure is not possible at least patient’s vitality could be improved.
  • Sometimes in some cases it has been observed if patient switched over to another system to get its benefit after initial homoeopathic treatment, patient’s response to later treatment comparatively good than not taken any homoeopathic medicine earlier group.
  • In case of old age when there is multisystem damage & when patient cannot tolerate any form of drug but can tolerate homoeopathy.
  • Sometimes homoeopathy evolves beauty of the individual.
  • Offspring may be protected by giving medicine to the pregnant mother.
  • Most economical way of treatment. No special budget is required for treatment of a family.
  • Homoeopathic medicine can be prescribed on the mental symptoms
  • One stop clinic. Most homoeopaths serve medicine from their place.
  • Total suffering in a year, frequency of attacks can be reduced. It will be non-recurrent.
  • In case of irreversible changes patient survival period may be increased.
  • Medicinal aggravation ceases naturally in time in most cases.
  • Only internal remedies
  • In very few cases external remedies are applied with very justifiable grounds (like cut, burn, wound).
  • Gentle
  • Environment-friendly. No question of such medical waste products.
  • In case of terminally ill patient, when there is no chance to survive- under homoeopathic treatment painless death ensues.
  • It helps patient towards adjustment with his capacity to maintain life.
  • Homoeopathy is the hope – when there is no hope, when there is no answer in other medical system.

Note: All reasons noted based on personal views/experiences, it should be checked & verified. The result of homoeopathic treatment may vary person to person, also depends on the physician concerned.

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