The Missing Corrections and Additions in Kent’s Repertory

Kent4In 1972, surprised by the existence of so many  misprints in the third edition of Kent’s repertory,  Dr Ahmed Currim, started looking for a copy of the second edition of the book.  As Kent died on  6th June 1916, he did not live to see the third edition of his repertory.

Amongst   others, Dr   Currim    contacted     Roger  Erhart,   the   heir   to   the   Erhart   family   who   own the    famous    homeopathic   chemist   “Erhart   and Karl”.   Roger   Erhart   is   the   editor   of   the   third, fourth,    fifth  and    sixth   American  editions of Kent’s Repertory.  Unfortunately, he was unable to tell Dr Currim where he could obtain a copy of a previous edition.

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