Upper motor neuron disorder and Homeopathy

Dr.A.P. Muhammed Jafar Sadiq.

This dissertation is presented to the readers in the hope that it enables them to provide better understanding about Upper motor neuron diseases and its Homoeopathic Management. Motor neuron diseases being a common ailment in the present society as a successor of a hectic and stressful life, homoeopathy finds a greater scope in this. To the best of my knowledge, this work highlights on essensence about the Upper motor neuron lesion, it’s structural, functional,pathological information as well as its Homoeopathic management.

Disorder is negentropy or negative entropy. The miasm is disorder, a profound from of entrophic disorder which can scabely be held in check by the preservative vital force; and if it is greatly augmented and complicated by another sycosis-syphilis, it can easily burst through the dike opposed to it by the natural healing power, the destruction becomes evident, and the individual is healed for death-with what is, from the medical point of view, a degenerative disease.

In every established nervous diseases the homoeopath can always detect a psora-sycosis or a psora-syphilis, just as he can in any epilepsy, tuberculosis, arthritic disease, or psychosis, in the same way he can confirm the presence of psora, syphilis and sycosis in every evolving cancer – this evolution being in accordance with the prevailing miasm. A scirrhous cancer will be the product of a psora-sycosis-syphilis; even though their activity is lethal in this order of dominance (1-2-3), the form of destruction of human life which they produce is less cruel than some others. A sycosis-psora-syphilis will yield an adenoma of apparently more malignant evolution or also a fibromatosis which is equally malignant by virtue of its haemorrhagic manifestations which always cause the spread of this disease.

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