A case of menyanthes trifoliata in migraine

Dr Vidhi Shah

Abstract- Repeated attacks of headache which are moderately or severely painful, frequent, last for few hours or couple of days, often hemiplegic, often experienced with loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting

Keywords-Migraine, Homoeopathy, Menyanthes, remedies.

Introduction- MIGRAINE headaches often have triggers which are mental or physical

Signs and Symptoms during migraine attack-

  • Nausea, Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Perspiration
  • Cold extremities
  • Sensitivity to light (Photophobia)
  • Sensitive to sound(Phonophobia)
  • Scalp tenderness
  • Pulsating pain
  • Pressure Pain

Triggers: Changes in daily Cycles-

  • No sleep
  • Over sleeping
  • Menses
  • No breakfast

           Triggers: Environment and diet-

  • Weather
  • Diet
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Altitude
  • Bright light
  • Some medications

Triggers: Mental

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger

Major forms of Migraine

  • Migraine without AURA (Common) seen in 70% pts
  • Migraine with AURA  (Classical) in 25%
  • Migraine variants and complicated migraine 5% which includes-
  1. Hemiplegic Migraine
  2. Basilar type Migraine
  3. Opthalmoplegic and Retinal Migraine

Migraine with Aura

  • Classical
  • Associated with premonitory sensory , motor or visual symptoms.
  • Scotomas
  • Hallucinations

Migraine without Aura

  • Common
  • Unilateral headache
  • Associated with nausea and vomiting
  • Photophobia and phonophobia

Protective Factors

  • Regular sleep
  • Regular exercises
  • Regular meals
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Avoid triggers

Menyanthes trifoliata is a medicine prepared from buck bean, which is also called bitterklee of natural order gentianaceae. It is a water plant, abounding in fen districts mostly seen in America, Europe  and was used successfully in treating ague fever next to cinchona.  The flowers bloom in the month of May and June and are rose colored or white colour.

Preparation: Tincture is prepared from fresh plants just coming in to the bloom.  

Clinical: It is clinically indicated in treating headaches, chest pain, angina, intermittent fevers.

Literature: The first literature to include this medicine is Materia Medica pura, vol 5, page 15. 

Mind: Anxiety as if something evil or bad would happen, indifference to everything, taciturn and excessive gaiety.

Head: Constant heaviness of head with painful dullness of head, compressive headache in vertex > pressure on vertex, pressive stupefying headache < ascending steps, sensation of weight pressed upon brain with every step. Tensive headaches (J.H.CLARKE). 

Modalities: worse rest, ascending stairs better: pressure on affected part.


Preliminary data:

  • Name: SAB       34yr/F     Reg no. 4996
  • Resides in: Bandra east
  • Marital Status: Married since 3 year( 2nd )
  • Occupation: Tailor

Chief complaints– Pain in left occiput, temporal and mandibular region since 5 -6 yrs

  • Pain and heaviness in B/L eyes
  • Bursting and pulsating headache
  • Nausea
  • <talking, < sun, < light < noise
  • > very hard pressure, > tight bandaging
  • Frequency is twice a week

Personal details:

            General- Appetite: Good, no hunger tolerance

                 Likes/Dislike: NS

                 Stool/ Urine: NS

                  Sleep: Talks, Salivation

                  Sweat: Profuse and offensive

                  Dreams: Clairvoyant, Dead people

Menstrual and Gynaec history

F.MP -14 yrs.   LMP-25/4/2017

  • Cycle- 21-30 days, lasts for 3 days
  • Dark red , no clots, N.O  N.S
  • G2 P2 A0 L2  G1 –   16 yrs.  FTND G2 – 14 yrs.
  • Menstrual Characteristics– Anger on contradiction  and trifles, Dwells on Past, Suicidal thoughts  even tried once, Sensitive to Others  opinion, Fear of death, Injustice intolerance

Thermal reaction

  • CHILLY patient
  • P/H – NS
  • F/H – Father- MI , HTNs

               Mother –DM

Hahnemanian Classification of disease: Dynamic, chronic, miasmatic, disease  with developed symptoms.

Totality of symptoms:

  • Anger on contradiction
  • Anger on trifles
  • Dwelling on past
  • Fear of death
  • Clairvoyant
  • Sensitive to reprimands
  • Headache  > tight bandaging
  • Rx Menyanthes 30 tds for 7 days  > Very hard pressure


  • 12/06/17

   Headache – 0 –   did not come in that week

   New complaints of – Weakness, Body ache

Rx – SL 30 tds for 1 month

        adv- Ca ++ supp, Vit D supp, Inj Arachitol

  • 5/7/ 17

  Better, no hdk,         Rx Phytum 200 tds for 15 days

  •   27/7/17

She was under stress as there was fights in the house- Grief     

Headache started

Generals- N

Rx  Nat Mur 1M   1P for 15 days

8/8/17 Better ,No headaches                                   


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  • https://thejournalofheadacheandpain.biomedcentral.com/

Dr Vidhi Shah
MD Part 2
Guru Mishri Homoeopathic Medical College, Jalna