A collection of articles on Homeopathic research by Dr Nancy Malik

MedicalResearch-tw2012Scientific Research in Homeopathy

Triple Blind Randomised Placebo-Controlled Trial, Systematic Reviews and Meta Analysis, Evidence-base, Body of Evidence

URL Links to 279 studies (Journal-wise) including 171 FULL TEXT papers are available as compendium on this webpage in Section-A from B to F. Among those 171, 155 are available as PDF which can be viewed at or downloaded from Google Drive, and 57 are also available at Scribd

The compendium is prepared by mining 14 online electronic databases: PubMed Central (National Library of medicine, USA), MedWorm, British library Direct (type homeopathy in search box), Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (type homeopathy in search box), Scirus, Google Scholar,HomBRex,The Allied and Complementary Medicine Database,Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trial,Embase,Science Citation Index,Lilacs and CAM QUESTand Clinical Outcome Research in Homeopathy

Upto the end of year 2010, there have been 299 studies published in 114 medical journals (92 integrative, 9 homeopathy and 13 CAM journals) including 11 meta-analysis, 8 systematic reviews including 1 cochrane review (out of approximately 20 systematic reviews published) and 81 RCT (68 DBRPCT + 2 SBRPCT + 6 DBRCT + 1 RPCT + 4 RCT) out of approx 225 RCT published) in evidence of homoeopathy to produce significant to substantial health benefits in a wide array of health conditions

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