An overview of the development of psychosomatic illnesses due to the unnatural exigencies in the present generation

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Introduction: From many years a major portion of psychological studies were focused over the specific field called psychosomatic disorders. But the more appropriate term should be psycho somatic illness. These are the conditions where there are a forward relationships or either direct or indirect impact of social, psychological and behavioral factors on the bodily processes and in quality of life in human beings.

History: Many medical or non medical premises have contributions over this fact. But among this notables are in 20th century Franz Alexander worked on the dynamic interrelation between the mind and the body. Then Sigmund freud have worked on this matter following his correspondence with George groddeck. And after that the works are continuing over the decades.

Discussions: It has been frequently observed and repeatedly verified over the years that psychic aspect of a person can produce, maintain or reduce the bodily illnesses. That’s why nowadays psychosomatic medicine integrates interdisciplinary evaluation and management including psychiatry, psychology, neurology, internal medicine, surgery, dermatology etc.

There is a phrase “natural life is better life as it makes the real human being”. But what about the present generation who are standing on the technology and bounded within the four walls?

At the childhood a child belongs to the lap of his two mothers; one is his own mother who gave him birth and another is the nature mother upon which the child flourishes and blossoms. Deprivation of either makes the child incomplete. And it becomes the obstacles of his mental social and physical development. Nowadays immediately after birth child not only becomes in touch with the light of the earth but also along with this he gets the disastrous exposures of technologies. Different types of advertisements, adult TV programs etc drives their mental learning processes in  the  den of darkness which leads to early puberty, deviation from creative focuses, and other unexpected physical and mental conditions . Where the actual place of child learning process should be playing, learning in a natural ways, but present scenario makes it the rare even rarest event to happen.

Unless and until we prepare our mind creative, we can’t attain the goal of life. But how a child would know this? It is his parents who are the only guide but presently the exigencies make it differ. Like at the morning parents have to go for office, and then after coming in the evening they are becomes tired, or other works comes, that’s why they are unable to give time and attention to their child who walks alone over an uneven path of unnatural exposure and makes them deprived from their basic needs.

But on the another hand if the parents do not allow their child to play or to go to the field or to lie in the lap of the nature and instead of this giving them television programs and mobile phones then it is the wrong thing. And after the course of time when the child grows then he feels loads of pounds of bag for the traditional study; so how can he able to take the load where the basic learning process is deficient?  This kind of exigencies doesn’t make them enable to adopt different situation properly in the course of the time in different phases of life. This grave mismatch in the mental and social level affects grossly the physical body. And in the course of time in their life they will become troubled with the disorders like early puberty, thyroid problems, insomnia, arthritis, hypertension, gastric troubles, diabetes and even cancers. Have we ever think that why the non communicable diseases are increasing worldwide? The answer is the unnatural exigencies of life which is made by us and we force this over the new generation from the very beginning of life and this consequence continues throughout the entire life. For this reason mental anxiety, fear, vexation, mortification, jealousy etc comes as a gift of darkness and produces various physical disorders. According to Dr. C.F.S Hahnemann, due to persistent worry, mortification, vexation, abuse, or repeated exposure to great fear or fright, while initially there is but little infirmity, in time emotional diseases of this kind often ruin the somatic state of health to a high degree. That’s why developed countries suffer much from these non communicable diseases and psychiatric illnesses than developing countries.

Conclusions: So if we want to make a healthier world we have to give to the present and future generation a natural world which is freed from the misuse of jargon of technologies and mechanical affairs. Not only our medical systems but also the non medicals have to take initiatives to do these primordial preventions for the betterment of the future. And along with this by means of behavioral and psychological therapy along with constitutional medications we can give a world to the kids where they can play freely, can able to take breath of peace and able to produce a creative higher mind what the present world needs.


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