Attitude and Communication (AT-COM) Competencies for the Indian Medical Graduates


Attitude and Communication (AT-COM) Competencies for the Indian Medical Graduate Prepared for the Academic Committee of Medical Council of India

The overall goal of undergraduate medical education programme as envisaged in the revised Regulations on Graduate Medical Education – 2012 (GMR 2012) is to create an “Indian Medical Graduate” (IMG) possessing requisite knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and responsiveness, so that he or she may function appropriately and effectively as a physician of first contact of the community while being globally relevant.

In order to fulfill this goal, the IMG must be able to function appropriately and effectively in her/his roles as clinician, leader and member of the health care team and system, communicator, lifelong learner and a professional. In order to effectively fulfill the above mentioned roles, the IMG must obtain a set of competencies at the time of graduation. In order to ensure that training is in alignment with the goals and competencies,

MCI has proposed new teaching learning approaches including a structured longitudinal programme on attitude, communication and ethics.

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