Guidelines for abstract selection for conferences worldwide

seminar15Here is the text of a post sourced from ResearchGate (post by Fahmi Khan, Hamad Medical Corporation):

There are no specific guidelines for abstract selection for conferences worldwide. But the following points should be taken into consideration while preparing an abstract for a conference:

  1. State of Completion: The abstract must show substantial results indicating that the work has been, or is nearly completed.
  2. Novelty: The abstract must show innovative information, or presents a new topic or application in the field of interest.
  3. Advancement of field: The abstract should present a significant contribution to the field, and the authors must specify how the paper will contribute to the development of global knowledge
  4. Quality: The quality of an abstract will be considered indicative of the quality of the final presentation by the reviewers. Authors should prepare their abstracts with care, assuring that the reader will understand the background of the issue(s) and the objectives of the presentation.
  5. Relevance: Material presented in abstracts must be concise and coherent, with the focus of the abstract and its relevance to an international audience stated clearly.

Final decisions by the committee will be based on scores

Links to Reviewer guidelines / common reasons for rejection / abstract guidelines:

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