C20 engages GHF, invites replicable Indian homeopathy projects from stakeholders for G20 Summit

GHF (Global Homeopathy Foundation) has been entrusted responsibility of coordination to bring on table various CSO (Civil Society Organisation)’s work to be submitted to the committee formed under Chair of Amrita Institute for AYUSH.

As you are aware, Civil Society Organizations include Academia, Activists Groups, Chairites, Clubs(Sports, Social, etc.), Community Foundations, Community Organizations, Consumer Organizations, Cooperatives, etc.

Now we need to engage on having CSO’s success stories shared from across the country with replicable potential to be submitted to the world through G20, once the projects cross the credential’s and documentation process which is not too extensive.

The first meeting of the Core Body with submission of CSO projects is on 17th March 2023. We understand that time is too short however not impossible to give it in a format given above.

Look forward to your early and favourable response.

The C20 intends to showcase examples of successful projects led by Civil Society Organisations (CSOs include NGOs and foundations).

This portfolio will be part of the official documents produced by the C20 for the G20 taking place in India in 2023. The idea for promoting success stories and best practices came from the Honourable PM of India, Narendra Modi, who has named these Udaaharans.

This is a unique opportunity for international recognition of successful projects with high positive impacts in the C20 theme area of Integrated Holistic Health.

By highlighting the selected projects as best practices, the C20 will honour them and create opportunities to multiply their effects, inspiring others and showing the way to replicate similar projects on a worldwide scale. These examples will also be integrated with official documents submitted at the G20 summit.

Please engage with us and enthuse your organization to communicate on your projects in past and ongoing one’s and complete the preliminary C20 form below to submit successful projects which highlights your exemplary work with Homeopathy. It would mean great attention and respect to the institutions on national and international stage.

Also ahead is an offline event at Faridabad in 2nd week of April where the submissions shall be collectively discussed about and routed forward.

Udhaaharan Submission form

Model application form 

You’re doing needful and sharing the same will project Homoeopathy as safe, accessible, acceptable, replicable and affordable model to be advocated as well adopted.

Best Regards,
Dr Sreevals Menon | Dr Shivang Swaminarayan
C20/Homeopathy/Coordinator’s/G20 Summit
Email: globalhomeopathyfoundation@gmail.com
Whatsapp: 9349117833

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