Cancer care foundation and GHF International Conference at Nashik

Cancer care foundation and GHF are organising the 2nd International conference on Integrative Oncology in nashik from 24th to 26th February 2017 .
We are expecting delegates from 10 countries and about 500 delegates from across the globe.
Keynote speakers :

  • Dr Ajit Kulkarni
  • Dr A R Khudabuksh
  • Dr Amar Nikkam
  • Dr R P Patel
  • Dr Stephen Wey  (Germany )
  • Dr Anna schubert  (Germany )
  • Dr Aadil Chimtanwala
  • Dr Shailesh Deshpande
  • Dr Ravi Doctor
  • Dr Rajesh Shah
  • Dr Jaswant Patil
  • Dr Farook Motiwala
  • Dr Sunil Ghodke
  • Dr Jawahar Shah
  • Dr Stephen Baumgarten  (Switzerland )
  • Dr Vinu Krishnan
  • Dr Sandeep Roy
  • Dr Srinivasa Rao
  • Dr Jayesh Sanghvi
  • Dr Zubin Marolia
  • Dr Kenny Yong (Malaysia )
  • Dr Bindu John
  • Dr Kannan
  • Dr Arvind Kulkarni
  • Ms Anu Agrawal  (lead actress Ashiqui 1)

Limited seats , please register on

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