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Paracetamol overdose

What is the toxic dose for paracetamol? At least 12g paracetamol is usually required to produce serious toxicity in adults, unless the patient is at high risk. High risk patients (>7.5g may produce toxicity): Malnutrition/cachexia- […]

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Planning Commission Report on AYUSH systems in India

There   is   a   resurgence   of   interest   in   holistic   systems of health care, especially, in the prevention   and   management   of   chronic   lifestyle   related   non-    communicable diseases and systemic diseases. Download the planning commission full report:  www.homeobok.com/pdf/planningcommission-ayush.pdf […]

Homeopathic Drug Proving

Homoeopathic Drug Proving

Homoeopathic Drug Proving Dr. Ashis Datta M.D(Hom) Drug Proving is the systematic process of acquiring knowledge of the instruments intended for the cure of the natural diseases. In other wards we can say that it […]