Children’s mind and Homoeopathy

childrenDr R Madan

1. Fear of aeroplanes flying overhead-acon.,arnica,cham.,ignatia,nat.mur

 2. Fears to go to bed alone-causticum
 3. Averse to amusement-baryta.c,staphy,sulph
 4. Irritable gets angry with everything-bryonia
 5. Awakens terrified,clings to those around-stramonium
 6. Enjoys cold water bath-puls,apis,nat.mur
 7. Wants to bite anything that it gets-podophyllum,phytolacca
 8. Dislikes to be carried-bryonia
 9. Fear of being run over by vehicles-phos,hydrocyanic acid
 10. Lets the nipple go and cries-ant.tart
 11. Obstinate,cries when spoken to-sil
 12. Fear of dogs,creeping insects-china
 13. Cross after sleep-lyco
 14. Cruel habits in children-anacardium
 15. Hides things-bell
 16. Craves meat-calc phos,mag carb
 17. Does not want to play-baryta carb
 18. Can be quieted only when carried-cham
 19 Does not drink water unless sweetened-sulph
 20. Sucks thumb-calc.phos
 21. Bites nails-amm.brom.,ars alb,sanicula,hyos.
 22. Disposition to touch different things-bell,thuja,sulphur
 23. Pretends weeping without tears-staphysagria
 24. Weeps from oversensitiveness-kali phos
 25. Weeps vehemently-rheum
 26. Weeps until it gets something to eat-belladonna
 27. Does not allow to undress for examination-pulsatilla
 28. Fear of approaching vehicle-phosphorus
 29. Obstinate to the extreme-capsicum
 30. Cannot remember what has been taught-aethusa,calc carb,baryta carb,phosphorus
 31. Steals money-calc carb

Dr R Madan BHMS

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