Chronicles of Homoeopathic Summer School

Dr Gaurang Gupta

As the month of April commenced, Shaad Homoeopathic Hospital (Nagpur) again came to life with aspiring doctors strolling in the Dr. Kanjilal Memorial Hall. The 22nd Homoeopathic Summer School organized by The National Academy of Homoeopathy started on April 1, 2013 under the guidance of Drs. Kasim, Sagira, Aadil, Fatema Chimthanawala and Dr. Pratibha Dangre.

On the very first day, we faced a case of 65 years old male who had suffered an episode of Angina Pectoris a day before and was hospitalized at Shaad Hospital seeking treatment for the same. His ECG revealed anterio-lateral ischemia. A single dose of Nux Vomica 0/1 clinically improved the patient (chest pain, nausea and eructation) and his follow–up ECG obtained was normal.

Eighteen doctors from all over the country were enrolled for the school to be trained rigorously for the next 14 days. The Gurukul style of learning is unique to NAHI and has its own numerous advantages. The most important was that we formed an intense bond amongst each other and also with the lecturers which goes a long way. Personal interaction and discussion with the learned lecturers gave us an opportunity for better learning.

Each day at NAHI began with Yoga exercises which kept us fresh until the end of the day. A tight schedule was maintained throughout with various activities like case–taking, lectures, library sessions and daily assignments. We were provided access to an extensive library which was highly fruitful to the otherwise busy practitioners. Teaching is an art and everyone at NAHI is a master of it. Starting with the shallow basics, we dived into the depths of homoeopathic concepts and thus gained a stepwise and crystal clear understanding of the philosophy. Rather than emphasizing on Materia Medica, we were taught the ways to arrive at a medicine and thus feel more independent with prescribing. Dr. Kasim, who has a meticulous grip on the concept of Miasms and Materia Medica showered us with his words of wisdom. He presented about 30–35 cases of different case types and showed us the management criteria to be adopted in each case. His concepts of Case Types, Rubric Types, Symptom Types, Doctrine of elimination etc. made the approach of cases (acute and chronic) quite easy.

Dr. Aadil being a brilliant orator did not let our attention slip even for a second. The details which are usually swept under the mat by most were exposed and elucidated in the most comprehensible manner. It will not be prevarication to say that each day flew by like an hour. He explained in details the rubrics from practically all the chapters of Kent’s Repertory. Dr. Sagira highlighted the method of homoeopathic management in antenatal care and we were exposed to many live labors where drugs like Gelsemium, Caulophyllum etc. were used for easy labor. Dr. Fatema discussed several pediatric cases and their homoeopathic management while Dr. Pratibha Dangre dealt with rheumatism in utmost details. Dr. Narendra Mohta elaborated on “Aging Bladder” and Dr. Vilas Surkar vividly described the methodology of drug proving.

Another case which I cannot miss to cite was of a 69 year old lady, referred from Chandigarh, who was later diagnosed as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, presented with severe dyspnoea on slightest exertion < lying down. On chest auscultation basal rhonchi were clearly audible. She was instantly nebulized with Arsenic 1M. A day later her dyspnoea was much better and rhonchi reduced significantly. Within 3 days of admission she was climbing stairs, slept peacefully after 6 years and rhonchi disappeared completely.

It was the first time in my life and also of my colleagues that we reproved the drug “Arnica Montana.” For all of us it was a thrilling experience and we realized how a single dose could bring out so many symptoms mentioned in earlier provings as well as few new symptoms of a particular drug in those who are susceptible and sensitive.

Likewise to present a thesis in front of an audience and defend it (facing viva) emboldened many of us and removed our stage–fright.

Eventually, it was April 14, 2013, the last day of the Summer School. A closing ceremony was held during which participants were presented with various awards. Dr. J. N. Kanjilal Memorial Award was presented to three participants – Dr. Gaurang Gupta (First Merit), Dr. Surekha Patel (Second Merit) and Dr. Prabhat Sisodia (Third Merit). Dr. Prashant Srivastava was awarded with Dr. Muhd. Taufik Memorial Best Thesis Award. It was an emotional moment to depart from the academy after spending a fortnight together. I am sure that I spoke for all that what I gained from absolutely unparalleled NAHI. Attending the school at the National Academy of Homoeopathy is a golden opportunity, which I was fortunate enough to encash and must be availed by everyone.

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  1. Hello sir,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. You are lucky that you got the opportunity to attend the Summer School. I have a great desire to attend it.Hope soon I will also get the opportunity.

    Dr Shuchi Nagori

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