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Dr Keerti Rathod

“Cranky refers to irritability and being bad tempered. In connection to Cina Homoeopathic remedy, ill or bad tempered and irritability is mainly due to worm complaints”. Hence, it can be depicted or shown by Cina type of individual. Therefore, this article  displays the role of Cina in connection to a cranky baby and also in the treatment of such a baby” who are suffering from worm complaints.

Cina personality is the factor to be stressed upon where the action of this  can be placed on and ultimate results can be noted down. The main personality trait of cina baby is irritable, peevish, ill- humored,   does not want to be touched and wants things but refuses them when offered and dislike to being looked at. The role of Cina as a deworming  and spasmodic remedy as it contains Santonin being the active principle and hence help in the expulsion of worms and hence treats its irritability , convulsions , bed wetting and difficult dentition  and this is also seen explained in many Homoeopathic literatures”

So, the role of Homoeopathy in aiding to relieving above mentioned complaints.

This plant belongs to a large family of flowering plants known as compositae , and  which is subdivided into convulsive group. The flower head of this plant are used to prepare this Homoeopathic medicine. Cina is source of santonin which was widely used as a drug in past to expel worms from the body. santonin acts on anterior part of the worm and paralysis it , which facilitates the expelling of the worms and also acts on abdominal ganglion , whence are reflected nervous impression to all other part of the body , but principally to the brain and spine . As result of this we have as reflex symptoms , convulsive twitching and jerking of limbs and even violent spasms.

It is frequently used medicine for worm infestation, teething difficulty, bed-wetting and convulsions.

way back in 1829, Dr Samuel Hahnemann proved the efficacy of cina and believed that the helpful remedial attributes of the herb went further its conventional performance in herbal medicine.

A Cina child is very cross, irritable and ill humored too. This happens mainly because of worm complaint. Face is pale, sickly white and bluish appearance around mouth sickly with dark rings under the eyes one cheek red, the other pale.

It wants everything but refuses them when offered since it is not being met at the time they wanted, so rejects them or throws them away.

It seeks attention and when not paying attention to it, it becomes irritable. Their irritability is also because of the pin worms in anus which eats up the tissue present in anus and hence makes the child to go into an extreme irritability state. It also wants to be rocked at all times. Feels better by rocking it but cannot bear to be touched or carried and even to look at it.

When around with other children, it likes to tease or joke or even play antics on them but cannot take such things on him as it will disturb him. It has a strong dislike to disturbances . Even goes into convulsions when parents scolds or punishes.

It picks the nose till it bleeds , cutting , pinching pain in abdomen  mainly because of worm infestations. Likes to rub the nose on the nurse’s shoulder due to the irritation caused because of worms.

Craves for sweets. Aversion to mother’s milk. canine hunger and greater the hunger greater the emaciation. Desires fir many and different  things. Keep earthly objects in mouth and bite the cloths and  earthly things which eventually leads to disordered stomach causing diarrhoea and with disordered stomach, the child has convulsions after eating. It has kleptomania , steal things which he likes.

It explains dreams in an exciting way after waking up from sleep like it is real and narrate it like it really took place and was involve so much in the dream. Abnormal consciousness , as if having committed some evil deed.

It also get hallucinations of smell, sight and taste, in the delirious state, after taking cold, or on waking from sleep and wakes up with the delusion. children suffering from worms, pitiful weeping when awake, starts and screams during sleep and grinding of teeth. Sour smelling of the body. Restlessness , gets on hands and knees or on abdomen in sleep.

Irritability :  It is very marked in Cina , children who are very obstinate and wants their wishes to be fulfilled at once. They show excessive temper tantrums. They are not satisfied with anything and throws things away and during dentition period . Also due to constant picking up of worms in the anal region .

Inclination towards : Desire many things , but rejects everything offered and  child wants something but doesn’t know what .

Insubstantial : Does not wants to be touched , cannot bear you to come near it and averse to caresses.

Vulnerability : slightest disturbance of mind , he can’t digest and he have diarrhoea. Child  can not be punished because it goes into convulsions.

Mischievous behaviour : plays antics, teases and jokes until it becomes unkind, doesn’t know when to quite. doesn’t give civil answers when spoken to.

Kleptomania : a decided tendency to take that which does not belongs to them ; to be selfish , envious, and greedy . they may not steal material objects but there always this tendency to take what they want at the cost of others.

CONSTITUTION : Irritable, nervous, peevish, very jealous.

AILMENTS FROM : cold , drinking cold items , eating indigestible things and sweets.


  • The sickly appearance of the face , blue rings around the eyes, and grinding of the teeth, associated with canine hunger.
  • Head : Ache, alternating with abdominal complaints. Child leans his head sideways all the time. Children can not have hair combed. Headache before and after epileptic attack.
  • Eyes : The affections of the eyes , especially in asthenopia .Squint from worms. Yellow vision. when the child attempts to read , the eyes begin to ache, the letters become blurred and cloud comes over the vision > by rubbing eyes.
  • Respiratory : Cina being a spasmodic remedy, it is also useful in whooping cough, in which paroxysms come regularly through night or day and are accompanied by tonic convulsions. Just after a paroxysm, a gurgling sound is heard.
  • Nasal complaints : Itching of nose all the time. Rubs nose on pillow or on shoulder of nurse . Bores at nose till it bleeds.
  • GIT: Gets hungry soon after a meal. Hungry, digging, gnawing sensation. Epigastric type of pain; worse, first waking in morning and before meals. Vomiting with a clean tongue. Desires many and different things. Craving for sweets. White mucus, like small pieces of popped corn, preceded by pinching type of colic. Itching of anus.
  • Bladder : It shows effect on the bladder, producing wetting of the bed at night, usually during the first sleep. The urine is pale and turbid and sometimes have a very strong odor. Which also has enuresis in the fore- part of the night.
  • Fever: It is useful in fever where patient is thirsty during the chill stage . there is also vomiting, canine hunger , and clean tongue. With pale cold face and warm hands.
  • Convulsion : Child throws arms from side to side. Nocturnal convulsions. sudden inward jerking of fingers of right hand. child stretches out feet spasmodically. left foot in constant spasmodic motion.

Worse: looking fixedly at an object, from worms, at night, in sun, in summer,  touch, during sleep, full moon, vexation, staring, yawning, external pressure, cold air, cold water, open air.

Better : turning head from side to side , motion, rocking, wiping eyes, lying on abdomen.


Antidoted by : Camph., caps., chi.,pip-n.

Antidote to : Caps., chin., Merc.

Follows well : Dros, and Ant -t.

In the extract of Cina baby personality in homoeopathy consolidate cross, irritability, ill – humored , insubstantial towards others, aversion to caress .  And in cases of difficulty in dentition , convulsions and worm infestation , hence  by understanding their personality with characteristic symptoms offers  efficacy of  this Homoeopathic medicine in such cases.

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Dr Keerti Rathod
PG  Scholar, Department of Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Father Muller Homoeopathic medical college and hospital , Mangalore
Guided by : Dr. MINI I.V.

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