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Pain all over the body, muscles ache all over and you feel exhausted even after a sleep, No diagnoses has been confirmed even after all types of test, This may be Fibromyalgia.


Fibromyalgia Syndrome is a common and chronic disorder characterized by:

  1. Widespread muscle pain
  2. Fatigue
  3. And multiple tender points 

Word Fibromyalgia comes from the Latin term Fibrous tissue (fibro) and the Greek one for Muscle (myo) and Pain (algia).
Women are commonly afflicted with fibromyalgia than man and can occur at any age.

Cause of Fibromyalgia-

Still unclear as to what causes the disease, some evidence points towards its association and physical stressfull events. There may be many triggering event thought to precipitate its onset. Few e.g are

  • An infection (viral or bacterial)
  • The development of another disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus,ankylosing spondylitis orHypothyroidism
  • Repetitive injuries

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia-

1. Pain- Deep muscular aching pain  on the tender points of the body which are

  • Neck
  • Shoulder
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Upper and Lower extremities

Where people feel response to slight pressure if they have fibromyalgia.

Tender Points Over Body

2. Fatigue – Range from mild to in capacitating. Lack of energy, patient feels totally drained of energy.

3. Sleep disturbance – Unrefreshing and tired feeling even after getting up in the morning .

4. Morning stiffness

5. Muscle twitching

Homoeopathic Medicine Which Can Help In Fibromyalgia Are:-
1. Arnica montana
Indicated when  body area feels bruised and sore, after exerction, overuse of muscles or injury. Sometimes Arnica is enough to soothe a chronic condition. Cannot walk erect due to pain in pelvic region. Sprained and dislocated feeling can be seen in patient. All the symptoms get worse by least touch , motion, wine, damp cold place and better by lying down, or lying with head low.

2.  Bryonia
Patient who need this remedy tries to stay as still as possible, slightest movement even blinking  of eyes causes pain. Patient is extremely irritable  and grumpy not wanting to be touched or interfered with. The general character of pain produced is stitching and tearing worse by motion and better by rest. This remedy especially affects the constitution of a robust, firm fibered, dark complexion person with tendency to leanness and irritability. Warmth often make things worse and cold application may be soothing.

3. Calcarea carbonica
Muscle soreness and weakness that are worse from exertion, and worse from getting cold and damp , may be relieved by this remedy. The person is often chilly with clammy hands and feet, easily fatigued, and has a tendency to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Nape of the neck stiff and rigid. Pain between shoulder blades impeded  breathing with weakness in the lamboscaral region. All the symptoms are worse from mental and physical exertion water, moist air, wet weather, standing. Better by dry climate, lying on pain full side.

4. Causticum
Soreness, stiffness and weakness in the muscles worse from being cold and overuse, suggest the need of this remedy. Dull tearing pain in the arms . Heaviness and weakness . Unsteadiness of the muscles of the forearms and hand . Indicated by the tearing, drawing pain in the muscular and fibrous tissue with progressive loss of muscular strength. All symptoms are worse in dry, cold winds, in clear fine weather, cold air . Better in damp, wet  weather, warmth , heat of bed.

5. Cimicifuga ( actea recemosa)
People who need this medicine are often energetic and talkative, becoming depressed and fearful when physical problems trouble them. Soreness and stiffness of muscles may be accompanied shooting pains and are usually aggravated by getting cold. Spine is very sensitive, especially upper part. Stiffness and contraction in neck and back. Symptoms are worse in morning, cold, during mensesand better in warmth, eating.

6. Kalmia latifolia
Severe pain in the muscle, extending from thighs area to lower ones, often responds to this remedy. Shooting pain may occur, along with stiffness, neuralgia and numbness or a cold sensation. Pain can come on suddenly, often shifts around, being worse from motion and worse at night. Weakness, numbness, pricking, and sense of coldness in limbs.

7. Ranunanculus bulbosus
This remedy is often helpful with fibrositis and muscle stiffness, especially when the neck and back muscles are involved. Stabbing pain and soreness may be felt near the spine and shoulder blades especially on the left side. Problems may be aggravated by cold, damp weather, walking and alcoholic beverages.

8. Rhus toxicodendron
If the person feels very restless, with stiffness and soreness that finds relief in warmth and motion , this remedy should be considered. Restlessness both mentally and physically .“Rhusty gate” syndrome, less painful when limbered up. Tearing pain down the thighs, can’t lie still. Problems aggravates in cold damp weather. Stiffness and pain are worse on walking in the morning and after period of rest.

9. Ruta graveolus
Tremendous stiffness of muscles, with lameness pain and weakness ( especially after overuse) may be soothed by this remedy. The legs and hips are sore and week, and the person may find it difficult to stand after sitting in a chair. Muscles in the back and neck feel bruised, the tendons may be sore, and the wrist and hands feel painful and contracted. Pains are worse from cold, lying down, overexertion, sitting, cold wind, being at rest and better by lying on back, warmth.

10. Gelsemium
Is the remedy for Fibromyalgia when the limbs feel heavy, dull and lethargic. The onset of pain is slow and gradual. Drowsy, tired, sluggish, lethargic, heavy, week, trembling. Pains are worse by change of weather, change of season, anticipation of performing, mental and physical exertion, damp weather and better by bending forward and open air.

11. Hypericum
This remedy helps heal nerve pain. Especially useful when there is numbness or tingling in the extremities or radiating pain from one area to another. Hypericum is the Latin name of “ST. John’s Wort”, can be beneficial when depression is an associated symptom of fibromyalgia. Pains is worse from applying pressure or cold compress. Pains are better by bending head back.

Additional things

  • Maintain constant reserve of proteins and carbohydrates for proper muscle functions.
  • To relieve stiffness in the body and to increase the circulation as well as to ease out the   Soreness in the body, regularly take hot water bath or shower using hot water rub and massage the body to ease the symptoms.
  • Avoid taking things which are rich in caffeine, alcohol or sugar.
  • Do regular low impact exercise. It is important to try low stress exercise such as walking, swimming and biking rather than muscle straining exercise such  as weight training.

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