Protest Against Australian Court Verdict Against Homoeopathy

Dr S G Biju
Posted in 2010
I am concerned about the conviction in Australia of Dr.Thomas Sam and his wife Manju, residing at 7/80 Ewart Street, Dulwich Hill- 2203, Sydney, NSW, Australia on negligent behavior regarding the care of their child.

I have heard what was printed in the Indian newspapers and found it difficult to swallow. Indian news papers reported that the accused have been punished for choosing an ineffective (Homoeopathic) treatment instead of selecting effective (Allopathic) treatment. As per my knowledge Dr.Thomas Sam is one of the eminent Homoeopathic Practitioner at Sydney and was striving to withstand the opposition from Allopathic Doctors. At a time when Australia is under a lot of racial hate crimes I don’t wish to club this also in that category, but at the same time, I wonder what the outcome would have been if the accused was a Caucasian.

I happen to know the father and one of the sisters of the accused person Manju and the version they gave me totally differs from the news given in the papers!

The child in question Gloria, was born in July 2001 and she developed skin problems in Dec 2001 and the child was treated by doctors in Australia. The family visited India in Feb 2002 bringing along all the medicines prescribed in Australia. The child was treated by a host of doctors from a few continents (Australia, America and India) for the skin condition. At no time during all these treatments did any doctor say that the condition was life threatening. The family left India back to Australia with the child in a similar condition as it was when they brought her to India. On the third day of reaching Australia the child had some discoloration in her eyes and was again taken to a hospital in Australia where she was admitted and died four or five days after treatment was instituted in that hospital.

The parents are now convicted of negligence in the care of their child. THERE DEFINITELY IS SOMETHING WRONG HERE.

Do negligent parents take the trouble to show doctor after doctor regarding the treatment of their child?

Why did they bother to take the child back to Australia when they could have easily left the child in India( to be neglected)?

I know that the parents were advised by well wishers to leave Australia when the case was being made against them, but they chose to stay because their consciences were clear regarding their care of the child. Is this behavior one of a guilty person?


  • Is the Australian culture so against Asians?
  • Are they really true in their statements that there is no racial discrimination?
  • Are there vested interests? Multinationals (As Homoeopathy is establishing in developed countries, multinational companies never loose a chance to hit Homoeopathy)? Hospitals? Doctors all together in a massive cover up?

Is there justice in making a child suffering from nephrotic syndrome lose his parents when he is undergoing treatment to keep the disease at bay? (Daniel, The couples’ living 3 year old son is being treated for nephrotic syndrome and is on steroids. He is not to mingle with others as he may succumb to other infections – and guess what? the law has taken his parents away)

Anyhow I wish the people who read this to question themselves and also if convinced to join in the gathering of support for the appeal against the conviction of these two people.

This may be an isolated issue but remember it could happen to anyone and you could have been the one isolated without justice.

I have started a corner for the couple called Help and another called prayer requests and prayer partners on the website and it would be good to know that there are others who feel the same way and would help spread the message to all so that we could through the people we know mobilize help for the troubled couple and their other ‘orphaned’ 3 year old son, Daniel(who has nephrotic syndrome and really needs his parents now) by prayer support, monetary if needed, political if you know people influential enough to make a noise and if you know a good lawyer willing to help – whatever God directs you to do.

We must prove that Homoeopathic medicines are effective in the treatment of eczema.
The death occurred in an allopathic Hospital not under the treatment of a Homoeopath.

I appeal all homoeopaths to

1. Write articles in Australian Medias.
2. Convince Australian Government and Doctors about the effectiveness of Homoeopathic Treatment.
3. We should inform medias that to restrict themselves from celebrating antihomoeopathic news.

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