How homeopathy helps in post Covid recovery

Dr Manishi Mahalwala

The rate of India’s recovery from coronavirus infection is quite high. Nearly 2.8 crores Indian people beat COVID. It is close to almost a ninety percent recovery rate. However, despite defeating the infection, several patients will continue experiencing health complications for a long timespan. It is the ‘Long COVID’ or Post-COVID phase in which patients suffer from lung problems, hair loss, weakness, depression, gastric issues, and the like. COVID-19 patients who survive after remaining in the ICU may be at greater risk due to prolonged exposure to a lot of sedatives and very little physical therapy during and after the treatment of the disease.

How does homeopathy function during Long COVID?
Homeopathy has worked wonders during epidemics as prophylactic and/or therapeutically. It has been greatly successful in preventing and treating flu-like illnesses. Even in the Hahnemann era, homeopathy has provided the best results. Based on the universal law, ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’, a homeopath prescribes medications according to the totality of symptoms. Since the ultra-high diluted succussed remedy depends on individual symptoms and/or the wholeness of symptoms, it proves to be greatly advantageous especially when COVID-19 is rapidly spreading. Let us take a look at how homeopathy helps in post covid recovery.

  1. Chronic Cough and Breathlessness: Homeopathic drugs have proved to be extremely effective in treating respiratory diseases. It also helps in providing symptomatic relief. A clinical NIH study demonstrates how homeopathy can combat respiratory infections effectively during the post COVID phase.
  2. Depression: According to one of the clinical trials, several homeopathic treatments have come to aid in treating depression and associated issues. The trial reported that patients receiving homeopathic treatments have been subject to low rates of depression and anxiety.
  3. Hair Loss: The National Center for Biotechnology Information in the United States National Library of Medicine conducted a study wherein they found that Thuja, a homeopathic remedy promotes hair growth. It induces the anagen phase in resting hair follicles.
  4. Gastrointestinal Problems: Homeopathic remedies provide immense relief from several gastrointestinal problems in the post-COVID phase. A study considering 25 cases of acute diarrhea concluded that homeopathic medicines cured 97% of those conditions.
  5. Weakness: Through a triple-blind trial, the journal of Psychosomatic Research found that individualized homeopathic treatment was of great help to get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome. Conducted over six months in 2004, the end result of the trial was that this kind of treatment had significantly improved placebo.

The manifestation during post-COVID is very much similar to that of the post-SARS syndromes. It may lead to severe diseases including death in aged people with underlying ailments. Young adults can also suffer from myocarditis and COVID-19 pneumonia resulting in acute venous thromboembolism. Medicines like gelsemium, phosphoricum acidum, arsenicum album, arnica montana, naja tripudians, crotalus horridus, and phosphorus are some of the drugs that one can resort to during the post COVID era. Physicians have recommended homeopathy as a complementary treatment for strengthening immunity and supporting the recovery from post COVID symptoms.

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    Thank you for posting this report. I will try the thuja as my hair loss has been a concern for over two months now. I will also speak to Helios. The gastric problems started for me just a week ago. My husband was bad for a few weeks before but only told me when he was in a lot of pain. I used a combination remedy from Helios for urinary tract as he had back pain with his and he increased his water consumption adding fresh lemon juice to it. He went to two doctors but no one mentioned that it could be related to post Covid, which we both had badly in October 21. We have both taken mag phos for the stomach discomfort and had good relief. We both felt like there was a mass in our stomachs. My husband at this time feels it is resolved. For me it comes and goes but exercise has helped and walking in outside in fresh air definitely eases the discomfort. We have both used NAC which has helped too.

    I hope this helps someone who finds this post. Helios helpline rescued me during Covid and maybe a starting point for those who are not registered with their own homeopath. JS

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