Homoeopathic Pathogenetic Trial- Need for A Better Research Design

researchThomas Marangattil Varghese

A new conceptual idea on homoeopathic drug proving or homoeopathic pathogenetic trial.

How can we use RCTs and qualitative researches for drug proving?

For exploring the signs and symptoms of a new homoeopathically potentised drug,the RCTs are totally unfit. unless their pharmacological actions were recorded previously. In any situation, homoeopathic actions can not be explored initially, by using RCT designs. Also discussing the steps for a complete HPI.

Key words: Homoeopathic Pathogenetic Trial, RCTs, Qualitative Research, Design.

Homoeopathic Pathogenetic Trial or Drug Proving is a specialized method used in homoeopathic system of medicine to find out the efficacy of a new drug. It is done by giving the new drug to a healthy human being called “prover” in dose by dose to find out the signs and  symptoms  produced  by  the  prover.  It  is  a  method  of  recording  the  entire  signs  and symptoms of a new drug.

The drug is to be proved will not have any proven records of signs and symptoms. Hahnemann describes the method of drug proving in the 105th aphorism of his well known book „Organon of Medicine‟. Mandal & Mandal (1996) clearly narrates how the proving should be done on both animal and human provers.  We cannot elicit mental symptoms in case of animal proving studies. It is not possible to get subjective symptoms in such cases. The animal proving provides only toxicological, physiological and pathological symptoms. While in the aphorism 108, Hahnemann narrates the importance of human provings.

New Concepts in HPT
Considering  the  above  mentioned  facts,  HPT  can  be  modified  according  to  the following new concepts. HPT is a research process which needs extensive study about the pharmacological, toxicological and homoeopathic action of the new drug material. It should be studied in detail on every aspect. Morphological and anatomical study is also carried in order verify the „doctrine of signature‟


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  1. RCT’s are to be used to study the effectiveness of a (known) Homeopathic Drug in treating certain disease condition. RCTs for Drug Pathogenetic Study, especially for an unknown/new drug is not at all worthwhile.

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