Homoeopathic Perspectives in Covid-19 Coronavirus Infection-fact Sheet by CCRH

The Government of India has also issued implementation guidelines for prevention and control measures of patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patient. 

The preventive aspect of Homoeopathy is well known, and historically, Homoeopathy has reportedly been used for prevention during the epidemics of Cholera, Spanish Influenza, Yellow fever, Scarlet fever, Diphtheria, Typhoid etc.66 The genus epidemicus is the remedy found to be most effective for a particular epidemic once data have been gathered from several cases. This concept was first put forth by Samuel Hahnemann in the Organon of Medicine, Aphorism 241, as “…each single epidemic is of a peculiar, uniform character common to all the individuals attacked, and when this character is found in the totality of the symptoms common to all, it guides us to the discovery of homoeopathic (specific) remedy suitable 

for all the cases….” 67, 68 There is anecdotal evidence that homeopathy was successful during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 to 1919, in which at least 20 million people died worldwide, more than 500,000 in the United States alone. 

According to the historian Julian Winston, the death rates for patients treated with homeopathy (genus epidemicus) were 1 to 2% compared with a 30 to 60% mortality for those treated by conventional physicians.69, 70 As in all collective diseases, the image of the clinical picture emerges after observing a considerable number of patients; Hahnemann suggests observing several cases in order to paint “the full picture of the disease”, “totality of characteristic signs and symptoms” or “epidemic genius”, according to the homeopathic connotation of this term. 

The Genus epidemicus is identified through observation of several cases of an epidemic disease, and analysing the symptomatology of those cases for the most indicated medicine. This medicine is the preventive medicine for the ongoing epidemic of that disease. 71 It was reported that, during recent past GE had been used during various disease outbreak for preventing the spreading of diseases like Chikungunya, Dengue Fever, Japanese Encephalitis and Cholera with good results.72The detailed account of use of homoeopathy in control of epidemics is given in recent publication.73 

In Indian scenario, CCRH had so far undertaken clinical trials in Dengue and Acute Encephalitis syndrome/JE with Homoeopathy as an add-on to usual care in tertian care setups. In Dengue Hemorrhagic fever, add on Homoeopathy could bring early improvement in platelet count and decrease in hospital stay by 2 days.74 Similarly, in Acute Encephalitis Syndrome/Japanese Encephalitis homeopathy as an adjuvant to the Institutional Management protocol could decrease death rate by 15% in comparison to those who received only Institutional Management protocol.75 In both the studies, adverse effect was not observed. Keeping in view the clinical success in above mentioned severe viral diseases, Homoeopathy as an adjuvant to the usual care may be tried in COVID-19 patients. 

Download CCRH fact sheet on Covid 19 and Homoeopathy 

Guidelines On Covid 19 for Ayurved, Unani & Homoeopathy Practitioners  Sept 2020


  1. NATRUM MURIATICUM 12X is genus epidemicus(preventive medicine).
    Mental symptoms -dijection of spirit,
    General symptoms-Worse in spring season.
    Particular -sore throat, dry cough, difficulty in respiration, loss of taste and smell, chill .

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