Homoeopathic remedy Tabacum in Tobacco addiction – study report

D  Kiran Chandrashekhar Kulkarni


Background:-Tobacco use kills approximately five million people annually worldwide, accounting for over 20 percent of all deaths of adult men and 5 percent of deaths of adult women. As death rates from causes not attributed to tobacco are falling, the proportion of all adult deaths due to smoking will rise. In the 20th century, 100 million tobacco deaths occurred; nearly 70 percent were in high-income countries and the former socialist economies of Europe. In contrast, in the 21st century, tobacco is expected to kill about one billion people, mostly in low – and middle-income countries. Widespread use of a few powerful interventions affecting tobacco price, information, and regulations could prevent tens of millions of premature deaths over the next few decades. Various health hazards of tobacco in any form like chewing, smoking, teething, bid etc. has the benefits of cessation tobacco paramount.

There are various medicine in homoeopathic literature related to bad effect of tobacco, ailments from tobacco and also for the diseases symptoms arises from use of tobacco.

Tabbacum is drug having the issues like nausea, vomiting, motion sickness, indigestion, hypertension, confusion and lack of concentration are given Tabbacum, as it assist in elimination of the toxins carried by tobacco. It has a significant effect on tobacco craving.

Methods:  Thirty cases of Tobacco addiction were selected on the basis of inclusion and exclusion criteria fixed for the study. Simple random sampling procedure was adopted and a detailed case history was taken by interview as per the Performa prepared for the topic and investigations were done where necessary. Auxiliary measures were followed where necessary.

Results: After giving homoeopathic medicine in tobacco addiction 19 cases recovered complexly from the addiction and bad effect of tobacco scoring 63%. 5 cases got partial relief and scoring 17% whereas cases which are not improved with Tabbacum remedy are 6 having 20 %.

Conclusion:- Homoeopathic Medicine Tabbacum has more scope than limitation in the treatment of Tobacco addiction .

Key words: Tobacco addiction, Repertory, Homoeopathy, Scope and limitations.

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