Organon and Philosophy

History and evolution of potentization

Dr Chandana Chandran  POTENTIZATION Similar word found in the dictionary: POTENTIA: means power; ability; to perform. POTENTIAL: (Latin:- potentialis) capable of coming in to action. POTENTIATE: make more powerful. DEFINITION It is a mathematico-mechanical process […]

Homeopathy Articles

Management of atopic eczema

Dr Chandana Chandran  INTRODUCTION [1] Eczema, or dermatitis, is a reaction pattern that presents with variable clinical and histologic findings and is the final common expression for a number of disorders, including atopic dermatitis, allergic […]

Homoeopathy Books

Allen’s Keynotes – Diglot (Bilingual- Hindi & English) by SM Singh

Allen’s Keynotes – Diglot (Bilingual- Hindi & English) by SM Singh Review by Dr Mansoor Ali Author : Professor (Dr.) S.M.  Singh{M.D. (Hom.), Ph.D (MM) (Udaipur), Ph.D. Materia Medica. (Health Science University- Nasik)} This collective book of Allen’s Key Notes will prove to be a milestone for its specificity. As a result of the author’s extensive experience, the Hindi edition of this book is very simple yet meaningful, accurately conveying the meaning of the symptoms as stated in the English edition, removing any barriers posed by language for students and doctors, allowing them to fully appreciate this important work. […]