Essence of Kali carbonicum Prescription

 Prof. Dr. Goutam Das M. D. (Homoeopathy)

This article includes the clinical understanding of the study of Homoeopathic Materia Medica, on the light of the teaching of our Organon of Medicine & Homoeopathic Philosophy that, whatever it may be the name of the disease or the pathology; Homoeopaths needs to perceive, what is curable in disease and what is curative in medicine; those are the clinically verified signs & symptoms of a remedy, the power, the essence, the image, the very nature of the sickness, those are only to be counter as stronger & similar in manifestations but different in kind for restoring the sick to health homoeopathically, are also expressed in this article.]

Keywords: Kali carb.-nature-development as patient-prescribe-clinically verified-curative symptoms-cases.

Abbreviation: P= Psora, Syco = Sycosis, Syph = Syphilis, Tuber = Tubercular state, H = Hahnemann, < = aggravation, > = amelioration, Kali.carb. = Kali carbonicum.


Kali carb. acts deeply and for a long time in constitutions that call for it. Dr. Kent says, “Kali carb. seems to be a dreadful medicine to handle.” [1] Hahnemann writes: “Persions suffering from ulceration of the lungs can scarcely get well without this antipsoric.” [2]

Typical Nature of Kali carb. Personality:

  • Kali carb. Patient is up-right, proper but emotionally become rigid.
  • His mind maintains an iron control over the behavior and emotions.
  • Mind is systemic, proper and routine oriented.
  • Patient may appear to be devoid of emotions but is quite sensitive emotionally.
  • He may appear to be devoid of emotions because of his controlled expression of them, but he may well feel the things quite strongly.
  • The person tends to ignore the problems until they have taken a serious stage.
  • The exaggerated mental control drives the symptoms expression more characteristically into Solar-plexus – a stage of anxiety, fear and apprehension felt in the stomach (Mez., Ant.c., Calc., involve liver, pancreas with digestion and assimilation of foods). [3]

Adaptability of Kali carb. to Develops as a  patient:

  • A Kali carb. Patient maintains tight control over expression of his sensitivity and hence he develops sleeplessness. Sleep is times when mental controls are naturally relaxed but his irrational emotional rigidity make the disturbance and extreme sleeplessness develop.
  • As the pathology progresses and irritability arise from the sense of dogmatism, as duty and correctness.
  • As pathology progresses, prominence of many fear and anxiety – fear of dark, fear of future, fear of impending disease, fear of ghosts and hence desire for company, fear of being alone develop.
  • Unlike many other remedies the stage of mental pathology rarely progress to insanity. [4]

Miasmatic Cleavage: Kali carb. P++ (H) Syco++ (+K) Syph++ Tuber++

Thermal reaction: CHILLY+


  1. Physically fatty and < at late night.
  2. Weakness, chilliness and sensitiveness.
  3. Bag like swelling between the upper eyelids and eye brows, edema, and sweating.

Physically fatty and < at late night:

  • Kali carb. patient usually being tendency to become fatty.
  • All complaints < at 2 – 4 a.m.; whatever it maybe rheumatic pain, asthma, cough, fever etc. [5]

Weakness, chilliness and sensitiveness:

  • In-spit of looking healthy, but patient is very weak; so weak that unable to perform normal personal life: can’t tolerate coition, after delivery or after menses feels very weak.
  • Menses can’t stop easily.
  • Vertigo, weak vision after every coition or menstrual period.
  • Same weakness seen in male also.
  • Patient is very chilly, can’t tolerate slight cold, if uncover any part of the body patient feel chill and pain; pain > by heat.
  • Patient is very sensitive, not only any touch even can’t tolerate blowing of air also; feet of the legs are very sensitive to touch.
  • Don’t forget anaemia due to excessive blood loss or loss of semen.
  • In pneumonia or pleurisy patient can’t sleep on affected side of the chest.
  • In rheumatic pain, patient can’t tolerate any type of touch.
  • In pain of piles can’t touch hand during washing of anus.
  • In toothache can’t chewing foods due to sensitiveness.
  • Mentally also sensitive, easily offhanded, quarrelsome, but fear to be alone, always search for company.
  • Pains time to time change its positions.
  • Pain > by heat and by pressure, but remember in rheumatic pain which > the pain, like heat or massage may shift the pain and attack the heart.
  • Painful part feels Stitching pain and with burning feelings.
  • In piles pain > during riding the car.
  • Before menses profuse weakness.
  • Impotency in male. [6]

Bag like swelling between the upper eyelids and eye brows, edema, and sweating:

  • Whatever it may be pneumonia, pleurisy, gout oedema on eyelids are seen; but never prescribe on such single symptom, Kali carb., Apis., Medo. has swelling on one or both eyelids.
  • Oedema on hands and feet.
  • Profuse sweat, always sweating, without sweating Kali carb. can’t. Fattiness, weakness, sweating. Sweating on painful part. Suppression of sweat, oedema develops. Menses stop, oedema develops. Sweating, backache, weakness always present.
  • In asthma in difficult berating patient can’t sleep on painful side, pricking pain in chest; < at late night, 2 – 4 a.m., backache, oedema on eyelids, sweating, weakness, and chilliness are the chief guide of Kali carb.
  • Never recover health science pneumonia and weakness of vision after measles. [7]


  • During menses and during delivery backache.
  • Weakness in back, so from slight cause back pain start. Desire for massage of the back.
  • Loss of sense in legs, especially right, leg suddenly feels loss of sense; patient unable to walk must sit down. [8]

Kali carb. as a Patient:

Mental General Symptoms:

  • Great aversion to being alone’ fears she will die.
  • Absent minded.
  • Alternating moods.

Physical General Symptoms:

  • Aversion to bread, meat.
  • Craving for sour, sweet, sugar.
  • Appetite lost.
  • Thirst increased or decrease.
  • < After coition, at rest, generally < in morning, in cold weather, from soup, coffee, 2 – 4 a.m., lying on left and painful side.
  • > Warm weather, by rocking, during day, when moving about.


  • Weak eyes, after coition, pollution, abortion, menses.
  • Stomach distended, everything appears to be converted into gas.
  • Nose bleeds, when washing the face in the morning.
  • Toothache only on eating.
  • Backache, sweating, weakness.
  • Asthma > by sitting up or bending forward, or by rocking; < 2 – 4 a.m.
  • Backache during menses.
  • Constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, and painful haemorrhoids alter.
  • As if heart is suspended by thread.
  • Never well science pneumonia.
  • Alternate constipation and diarrhea.
  • In developed tuberculosis or at the end stage when cough < at last night and profuse night sweat wetting the patient, Kali carb. may help.


Dr. Tyler, M.L., in her book ‘Homoeopathic Drug Pictures’, discuss some cases with ‘Art of Kali carb. Prescription’ are we refer here.

Man of 65, admitted December 8th 1917, Pleuro-pneumonia right base: prune-juice sputum. Stabbing pains, especially right chest, extorting cries, with and also independently of respiration. Temperature to 104; Respiration to 40. Severe rigor on the 6th and no sleep since, for the pains. Shouts with them. Lies on left side. Wants to be very warm. Kali carb. 30, two-hourly. Pain stopped in two hours – “His first good night.” Highest temperature on the 9th, 102; then down. Rapid recovery. The symptoms in italics are those of Kali carb. (Bryonia stabs occur with respiration, i.e. on movement). [9]

Kali carb. and Carbo veg. are “complimentary” remedies: the one taking up the case where the other has done its part. We gave the following case under Carbo veg., but will give it again here: A small girl practically in articulo mortis, with endocarditis, pericarditis with effusion and also pleura-pneumonia with pleural effusion. Carbo veg. brought her back to life; she was cold, unconscious, gasping her last gasps: then Kali carb. took up the case and pulled her through. [10]

In the abdomen Kali carb. has repeated attacks of colic, which suggest Colocynth, the patient being doubled up with the pain. Colocynth cures again and again” but Dr. Kent says where the attacks recur, the patient needs Kali carb. to end the trouble (Here Kali carb. is usually associated with gall bladder disturbances, Colocynth with bowel troubles and diarrhoea). [11]

Case of rheumatic heart in a small boy: He got Kali carb. 200 and had a distressing aggravation for few hours, screaming out with his pains, which nearly drove the Ward Sister out of her wits. However, it cleared up – heart and all: so the result was good. But Dr. Kent warns against Kali carb. in at all high potencies in gout, for instance – but he is speaking about old chronic cases, “where the remedy should have been given years before.” But it is not a bad plan to start Kali carb. fairly low, say the 30th or lower; and then go up (low potency in gout, cancer, tuberculosis due to very weak Life Force). The closer the prescribing and the more a patient need a drug, the more chance there is of an initial aggravation. [12]


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Prof. Dr. Goutam Das M. D. (Homoeopathy)
Dept. of Organon of Medicine, MHMC&H, Gadha, Mehsana, (Gujarat)