Homoeopathy Diploma & Degree Courses in Japan

students7The RAH invites superb lecturers from the USA, India, Europe etc. Although it is important  to acquire theoretical knowledge in homoeopathy, the theory becomes something alive and its efficacy is judged at practice scenes. One of the policies of the RAH is: ‘A method, which  matches to an each individual patient, should be adopted.

It should not be caught by only  one technique.’ Students are trained to be able to choose the best method to each individual  patient by learning various methods without being partial to one style. Students can learn the forefront homoeopathy without being caught by one dogma at the RAH. However, it is still not as well known among the general public as it  is in the UK. Educating the general public is also a field in which the RAH is putting a great  deal of effort, so that graduates are able to carry out homoeopathic consultations in easier circumstances.

College principal Torako Yui, who has 15 years’ experience as a homoeopath, trained in the  UK, and has tailored this course to meet the demands of practising in contemporary Japan.  We put a great deal of effort into approaches to iatrogenic diseases, and the teaching is  based on the principal’s actual clinical experience of treating many difficult cases in Japan.

Ask for a brochure, join a college’s explanatory meeting, fill in and submit an application for  admission.

Excellent lecturers, with Ms Torako Yui at the head of the list, plus invited top-class  lecturers from overseas.
Exclusive school buildings in each of our three locations (Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka),  constructed using materials which respect the health of humans and the earth.

Communication facilities which enable our three locations to relay a broadcast simultaneously.
Students receive an original RAH textbook ten times a year which is written in Japanese, to aid learning.
Homoeopathy centres/clinic, where students can attend actual clinical cases.
Homoeopathic pharmacies, where students can get remedies etc. at a discount.
Bookshops, where students can get homoeopathic books at a discount.

The Royal Academy of Homoeopathy
Principal: Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom.
3-49-13 Nishihara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151 0066 JAPAN
Tel. 03 5790 8705 rah@homoeopathy.gr.jp http://rah.homoeopathy.co.jp


  1. I am Dr. Md. Rizoan Hossain from Bangladesh, I am very much interested to join seminars/courses in Japan, Please send me detail of up coming seminars/courses in Japan for free entry.

  2. i am a pakistani homeopathic doctor please send me detail of up coming seminars in japan for free entry

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