How to sail through the darkest hour of the century

Prof (Dr) ES Rajendran MD (Hom),PhD.

Dear Homoeopathy Colleagues and Friends,

Many leading homeopaths gave a clarion call for unity among homoeopaths and creation of a single national body for the whole profession. Why?

The second decade of the last two centuries was defining points of Homeopathy for the remaining part of the century. In 1820 Hahnemann was found guilty by the court of law for self-dispensing, since then he adopted a perpetual enmity to conventional medicine. 1916 Dr Kent died and Homeopathy began its decline in the remaining part of the 20th century. Today, we are in a similar state of affairs, which is going to define the fate of Homeopathy and Homeopaths for the remaining part of the 21st century.

My memories fall back to 1988. While we were aspiring graduates, we felt the dire necessity of an organization. Few of us belonging to the 3rd, 4th and 5th batch of BHMS in GHMC, Calicut held a meeting and decided to form an organization for the graduates of Homeopathy in Kerala. It is heartening to see that it became a national organization of Homeopathy as IHMA. I am sure that all professional organizations of Homeopathy in national or state level are formed with a similar spirit of few enthusiastic doctors at different points of time.

A small percentage of doctors are employed with the Government, the remaining vast majority of them are sailing through as health professionals. In the current situation, India happens to be the leader of the homeopathic profession in the world with its more than 200,000 registered medical practitioners, around 200 medical colleges, independent government departments with directors in many Indian states and a national regulatory body. Government has given immense support for its growth and propagation compared to any other country in the world. 

It is definite that all these associations supported the profession to reach at this point. We achieved a lot. But, now we see some serious lacunae in the decision-making process of governments due to the intense lobbying of pressure groups who work hard to banish homeopathy. Homeopathy is kept away in the current crisis though homeopaths demonstrated the efficiency of homeopathy in virus epidemics many times earlier. It is very clear that the government administrative heads of homeopathy did not show the required leadership. I think we need not expect any change to that in the near future. We need to introspect and identify where our strength lies. I think it is in the unity of the whole profession. It looks like we are fragmented but all have the same goal of the advancement of health through Homeopathy. In order to achieve this, the first and foremost goal is to unify the profession under a single umbrella. As CCH has been dissolved and hence the political ambitions associated with it, there is no more good reason to remain in opposite poles when the profession needs unity for survival.

Two reason
In the current reality of health emergencies, where the voice of Homeopathy was weak could be attributed to two reasons; First, the political diversity due to the presence of a multitude of associations; second, lack of scientific temper of the profession as a whole and the desire to live in cliche rather than science. There are many researchers who toiled their time in laboratories and made available excellent scientific evidence to support homeopathy as the most advanced curative method. But the profession at large is in deep slumber and unwilling to imbibe the new discoveries into its genetics.  

What next?
This is the reality of the current situation. Political cohesion must be created right now, to begin with Indian context. That should not be the end in itself, it shall be the beginning of the similar effort world-wide, in which every nation should have one national association eventually leading to a single powerful international organization. 

Homoeopaths have a unique position to offer to save the world with a different model of health which improves the immunity of the population rather than depleting the immune status of the society. 

Dear colleagues and friends, this is the last signpost offering a direction to start a new journey for the survival and advancement of homeopathy thereby the advancement of human health with this most advanced scientific therapeutic approach.

Prof (Dr) ES Rajendran MD (Hom),PhD.


  1. A copy of my letter to send on 30/03/2020 to Dr biju is resubmitted here. As u have said the Actio will be taken in 3 days I am forced to repat the lette. no time to add additional points
    ” Rama says: MARCH 30, 2020 AT 4:29 PM
    Ayush and India has shown to the world what Arsenic Album 30 can do to a pandemic like that of the Corona Virus. The other country that had its first case together with India is the United States of America. Both India and USA reported its first case last of January. The contrast in the graph of the fatal cases in the two counties is very obvious. The only thing difference of the USA Corona from the Indian Corona is the ARS ALB 30.
    Considering India s dense population, poor health facilities, bad sanitation and many other factors as compared to USA anyone should wonder why INDIA fared so well, so far, compared to USA.
    Ayush and Ars Alb stands out in the fore front
    It looks that due to the severe back lash and criticism from the rich countries of the west and the similar faction from India itself, Ayush has gone back stage. However Ayush can note that there is a SILENT MAJORITY without a voice who would willingly take any medicine which will help.
    At this stage people have only the choice of quarantine with out medication. Ayush has to push the figures before the public and fight to establish that Ars Alb did indeed work at when seeing what is happening. This will not only help people to gain confidence, but also encourage more people to resort to Homeopathy in the present situation which DO HAVE MEDICATIONs. It is not only that the people who take it will be protected, but the number of the Virus in the society will be dramatically reduced and lessen the possibility of transmission
    Ayush should
    1) take a step to establish first stage centres where corona positive / corona exposed people can get medications.
    2)Push the second dose of Ars ALB which was indicated at the end of a month. Since now more than a month has elapsed and much more
    Last but not the least, Thank You AYUSH for taking care of the people of India and standing up for the prophylactic medication and for distributing it in some places . . . . . in spite of all the unbearable and severe criticism
    Dr ramankutty. Kerala

  2. SUBJECT IS WELCOME: Regarding this is very necessary. presently turn face
    to PANDEMIC .
    Shree modiji
    Govt. india

    Sub: regarding present pandemic disease CORONA and negligence of homeopathy preventive medicine by govt of Karnataka and Central Government regarding ……
    Since the pandemic diseases is presented in 1743. Today we are facing in the name of CORONA basically of this is viral and communicable disease
    From 1743 viral disease started it bigning through Italy with name of flu after that influenza in other year and other country.
    During the period some good work is done by some doctors and medical field of homeopathy there are record and documents.the history reveals homeopathy medicine are successful for treating of virtues viral syndromes.
    Sir i am proud as rural place homeopathy practitioner and as Indian I do invite you in regarding above subject to invite all govt homeopathy official doctors to discuss history of and present viral situation all so the private homeopathy experienced doctors to fight prevent care cure socioeconomic status agents present pandemic disease .
    Homeopathy system has got best proved medicines to prevent and taking care of all viral symptoms treating human kinds we must great full to Dr Samuel Hahnemann who was invented the system given us the theory of viral treatment,we must hats off to our teachers giving the knowledge towards the disease of today sequence with the help of homeopathy remedies for saving of human kinds without pains. The process is going on and doing my best job. Thank God the opportunity given to me
    Medicines : chinninum ars, chinninum sulph, arsenicum album, carboveg, pyrogenium, gelsemium, baptesia, Belladonna, GELSEMIUM, INFLENZINE.++
    Reference : text book of org anon of medicine and materia Medica, Wikipedia,other literature
    conclusion :you must support homeopathy according to Modiji Mahabharata has taken 18 days to close PM , has told Lock down India for 21 days but history reveals all have forgotten some kind of human being neglected who was deadly fighter intended to close Mahabharata within 1 hour is called to be barbarika. My humble request to modiji consider this

    Dr U.S.Vanahalli
    RESULT: if I am wrong excuse me, If this is wright implement within 3 days.

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