Known to unknown journey – vanadium metallicum

Dr Jayalaxmi

ABSTRACT: The heavy brown lead later called it as vanadium. Popularly known as lesser known homoeopathic remedy, having deep seated suppressed emotions, oppressed up bring of childhood showing conflicts at physical plane as degeneration. Having two sides, one as friendly side to suppress the low spirituality, another side is aggressive side suppressed part of vanadium.

KEY WORDS: Vanadium, homoeopathy, self-doubt, confusions, lack of confidence, suppressions of emotions, anorexia, arteriosclerosis.

METAL GROUP: Metals are obtained from mineral kingdom. Many wonderful remedies are prepared by potentizing the metals. Metals have direct action on human physiognomy. They affect almost every vital system of body. Metals are also used as therapeutic agents.

Theme of metal remedies are: attack, defense and performance.

In the periodical table metals appear in the center:

  • Metals on left – Lack of confidence.
  • At center – by Reactivity.
  • On right – Suppression (e.g. Nickel, zinc with suppressed skin eruption and neuralgia)
  • Top rows- issue related to perfection and ability to withstand pressure.
  • Middle rows- performance and perfection.
  • Bottom row- sensitivity to others opinion.
  • Base metals: iron, copper, nickel have dreams of war and humble delusion.


  • Guilt and anxiety.
  • Lack of courage.
  • Hurriedness and fastidiousness.
  • Forceful, disciplined and duty minded.
  • Suppression of their emotions and feelings.


  • Almost all metals are known as Nerve remedies.
  • Slow and steady increase of pains.
  • All the discharges are very much offensive and fetid
  • Spams are common in metals.
  • Soreness and dryness of all mucus membranes, roughness.

METAL VANADIUM: It is a hard-silvery grey colored metal. initially it is called as brown lead, later named it as a vanadium. denoted by symbol V. atomic number 23.


At the center part on the left side on the top rows.

4th row, 5th column.

USES: Used in manufacturing gear of cars, parts of jet engines, redox battery for energy storage, even used in treating diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease.

ADVERSE EFFECTS: Rapid heartbeat, lung changes, Chronic bronchitis, skin pallor, greenish black tongue, an allergic skin rash.


  • Common name: Vanadium
  • Source: Metal group
  • Proved by: Burnett
  • Sphere of action: circulatory system, mucus membrane.
  • Clinical indication: Addison’s disease, anemia, arteriosclerosis, atheroma, emaciation, fatty heart, liver disorder, malnutrition.

MIND: Vanadium people they have to be successful but they are not allowed or they are incapable. They obliged to live up too many tasks but they are confused as to what tasks, why and how to do. They don’t really know what they want. They make plans, but they think I won’t succeed anyway.

They feel that they have to achieve a lot in their position, but they are not sure what. They are always doubting themselves and can’t make choice. They are not strong enough to make decisions, and if they do make one they doubt their choice afterwards.

They doubt their decisions and they doubt themselves, “Am I choosing the right profession, am I a good person? Who am I? the doubt is a result of their fear of failure.

The theme comes up in their dreams, too. They dream of missing the train, of not getting to the telephone on time etc. Their continuous doubting attitude is the reason that they don’t complete things and are always late.

The cause of this situation can usually be found in their upbringing. There is often successful and dominate father. They are brought up very strictly, with the task of pleasing everybody particular their own parents.

They have to be good, caring, decent and hardworking children. Such a child won’t dare to resist their regime and eventually won’t know anymore what it wants for itself. It feels obliged to its duties but don’t know the reason and purpose anymore.

These people are very kind and gentle. they feel they need for warmth and company. They always try to please others. They are easy going, not only out of kindness, but also because they have no opinions of their own. They cry easily.

At lastly, they would like to remain a little child.


CONFLICT – In denying the self, extreme fear, self-hatred and rejection – Anorexia

CONFLICT – Suppression – resistance, tension, refusing to see good – arteriosclerosis.


  • MIND – Suppressed/ dominated. Timid/ lack of confidence
  • MIND – Irresolution
  • MIND – Confidence – Want of self confidence
  • MIND – Ambition – Increased
  • MIND – Fear – Failure of
  • MIND – Anxiety – Time is set, if a
  • MIND – Ailments from – Domination – Children, in – Parent control; Long history of excessive
  • MIND – Mildness
  • MIND – Yielding disposition.


  • It is a remedy for degenerative condition of liver and arteries.
  • Acts as a tonic of digestive functions in early tuberculosis.
  • Sensation as if heart was compressed, as if blood had no room in the aorta. Anxious pressure on whole chest.
  • Fatty heart, brain softening, tuberculosis.
  • Cough is dry, irritating and paroxysmal, sometimes with hemorrhage.
  • Anorexia and symptoms of gastro-intestinal irritation.
  • Irritation of nose, eyes and throat.
  • Anemia, arteriosclerosis.


  • Arsenicum album:
  • Fatty degeneration of heart and angina pectoris.
  • Pulse more rapid in morning.
  • Liver and spleen enlarged and painful ascites and anasarca.
  • Phosphorus:
  • Very weak and all gone sensation,
  • Liver is congested, acute hepatitis.
  • Fatty degeneration. Heart – violent palpitation. Anxiety on lying on left side.
  • Right side of heart is dilated and feeling of warmth in heart.


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Dr. Jayalaxmi
PG Scholar, Dept of Materia Medica
Father Muller’s Homoeopathic Medical College.Mangalore.

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