Memorandum to KUHS by Homoeopathy PG teachers of Kerala

fake degreePG Examiner/Guides for a 3 year regular PG course should be a person who had  completed that three year regular course 

The Honorable Vice Chancellor
Kerala University of Health Sciences

Respected Sir,

Sub: Equalizing of  Regular and External PG degree in Homoeopathy –– Objections Reg.

We would like to bring to your notice the fact that there is a strong attempt at present in certain quarters0 to equalize regular PG degree and external PG degree in Homoeopathy.

Its supporters quote the decision of the Executive Committee of the Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH) in its meeting dated 23-03-06, which decided that both qualifications “are at par for all purposes including service matters”.    The CCH Executive committee in a subsequent meeting on 31-01-12 has gone to the extent to say that Universities in Kerala need to include in the examiner/Guide panel “all eligible doctors of Homoeopathy holding MD (Hom) qualification included in second schedule of H.C.C. act irrespective of the fact whether they were enrolled as external or regular basis”. The fact is that External MD not yet included in the second schedule of HCC Act.

We would like to say that we are completely against equalizing regular PG degree and External PG Degree in homoeopathy.   We strongly feel that the retrograde decisions of CCH are detrimental in maintaining high academic standards in the field of Homoeopathic medical education & practice.   In this regard we would like to highlight the following regarding external PG course and the CCH resolutions:

  • The external PG degree is an off campus course which does not require formal institutionalized training, and whose basic eligibility criteria is only a diploma in homoeopathy
    • The Honorable Supreme Court judgment on February 25, 2009, (Civil Appeal No. 4173 of 2008, Annamalai University versus Secretary to Govt., Information & Tourism Dept & Others) has observed that a Masters degree awarded to a candidate who has not undergone a degree (Bachelor’s) course cannot be valid.
  • None of the Universities of Kerala including Kerala University of Health Sciences has so far recognized or approved the external PG in Homoeopathy, and therefore it is not included in the second schedule of Homoeopathy Central Council act. Most recently, Academic Council of Calicut university in its meeting on 24-03-12 has resolved not to consider external PG as equivalent to regular MD.
  • Academic Council of Kerala University had appointed a commission in 2001 chaired by Honorable Pro Vice Chancellor of Kerala University, Prof. S. Kevin, on the matter of External PG course in homoeopathy.   This commission submitted the report in 2002 which clearly stated that “the University of Kerala need not sanction the External PG Degree in Homoeopathy as it cannot maintain the academic standards expected of a PG degree in medicine”.
  • The Health & Family welfare department, Govt. of Kerala has also made it amply clear in 2010 that the two courses cannot be considered equal as external PG is a course of “distance education”. (Order No.20535/J2/2010/H&FWD dt 08/12/2010)
  • According to Kerala Homoeopathic Medical College Service Rule 2001, Page 16, Note i (a), External PG is acceptable “provided three years class attendance is the minimum requirement of PG as in Kerala”. But the current external MD is two year without attendance.
  •    It may also be noted that the Principal & Controlling officer in her letter No.4300/A2/2009/GHMCT dated 26/11/10 has clarified that none of the teachers who have acquired external MD have availed any leave for study purpose.

A concise comparison between the two courses:

Item Regular MD External MD
Duration 3 years 2 years
Minimum Eligibility BHMS Degree Diploma
Selection process PG Entrance by CEE Govt. of Kerala No entrance
Criteria of admission Exclusively on merit Payment only
Mode of teaching Regular classroom oriented Correspondence
Training OPD & IPDRegular & systemic training

Teaching students

Seminars, clinical discussion, journal club,

House Job One year No house job
Attendance 3 year regular No attendance.Only for exam
Examinations Part. I &II 1 exam
University approval Approved by all universities in Kerala Not approved by any universities in Kerala.
Kerala Homeopathic Service rule2001 Approved Not included due to lack of 3 year regular attendance
Course conducted by Now in 2 Govt. Colleges.  Will start soon in aided colleges also Conducted by deemed universities of Maharashtra, TN etc
  • PG degree is the basic qualification for appointment as Lecturers a per the new UGC norms implemented for Homoeopathic Medical Colleges in Kerala. If the authorities see external PG course as equal to regular PG degree, then it will be a severe blow to the prospects of fresh regular PG holders applying to the post Lectures.
  • Since last three years, Kerala Govt. is giving ample opportunity to all homeopathy teachers of Government and Aided sector to take Regular MD in Homoeopathy irrespective of the department they belongs, on the seniority basis – by giving full service benefits. So enough regular MD teachers are available as Examiners/Guides
  • Examiner/Guides for a 3 year regular PG course should be a person who had completed that course

We hope it is very clear from the above statements that external PG degree does not have the required academic standard for it to be equalized with regular PG degree for any purpose.   The two courses are completely different in course structure, duration, conduction, curriculum, syllabus, examinations, number of subjects to be studied etc.

We therefore humbly request you not to consider regular PG and External PG in Homoeopathy as equivalent qualifications.   We also request you to consider as far as possible, only the names of regular MD (Hom) holders for appointment as Guides & Examiners for MD (Hom) course as well as in academic bodies like PG board of studies.    We hope you will intervene in a positive manner in this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Arunprasad KP
President All Kerala Homoeopathic Postgraduate Teachers’ Association

Encl. 1) Copy of Prof. S. Kevin commission report

2) Copy of Letter No. 20535/J2/2010/H&FWD

3) Copy of Letter from Principal & Controlling officer

4) Copy of Letter from Registrar, Calicut university d/ 17-10-12


  1. Do you know any teacher working in any of the homoeopathic medical colleges in kerala with less than 12 years teaching experience?

  2. LNCHP was the first official degree given to a homoeopathic physician in Kochi after 1920. Then it was D.H.M. , thereafter D.H.M.S. & after that only came B.H.M.S. So the first batches of B.H.M.S. students were taught by the teachers holding D.H.M. & D.H.M.S. Degrees. That is natural. Did Dr.Hahnemann, the founder got any Degree in Homoeopathy for teaching his disciples? The first batches of MD (Hom) students were taught by teachers possessing B.H.M.S. only.Is there any deficits in these students academically? External M.D. (Hom) was only meant for the teachers with 7 years of teaching experience & for private practitioners with 10 years professional experience & not for fresh D.H.M.S. or B.H.M.S. holders.

    • External MD is a fact in all system, at the beginning of a new course to create teachers…but in Homoeopathy it was continued for a long time 8+8 years

  3. Yes, it must be done that ”PG Examiner/Guides for a 3 year regular PG course should be a person who had completed that three year regular course”.
    In our degree college most of our teachers were D.H.M.S. and we were B.H.M.S. students.And this type of condition is nowadays also running.

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