Management of Iron Deficiency Anemia through Homoeopathy- A case report

Dr Ruby choudhary

Anaemia is a serious public health problem, which affects the mental and physical development, as well as health maintenance and work performance. Iron deficiency is by far the most common cause of anaemia worldwide. About 2 billion people are suffering from varying degrees of anaemia in developing countries. The cases of iron deficiency anemia are commonly found in day to day (routine) practice. A case of 37 years old female suffering from iron deficiency anemia reported in the clinic was treated successfully within 5 months by  individualised homoeopathic medicine ferrum phosphoricum 30-3x with repetition as per requirement. The evidence of improvement was regularity of menstrual cycle and increased serum haemoglobin level .

Keywords: Amenorrhoea, Individualised homoeopathic medicine, ferrum phosphoricum, iron deficieny anemia

Anemia is defined as a reduction in the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.

Iron deficiency occurs when insufficient iron is absorbed to meet the body’s needs. This may be due to inadequate iron intake, poor iron absorption, increased iron need in the body or chronic blood loss. Prolonged iron deficiency leads to iron deficiency anaemia (IDA).

Iron deficiency ranges from depleted iron stores without functional or health impairment to iron deficiency with anaemia, which affects the functioning of several organ systems.

Anaemia can be caused by excessive destruction of red blood cells, blood loss, and inadequate production of red blood cells. The most common forms of microcytic anaemia is iron deficiency anemia caused by reduced dietary intake. Early intervention may prevent later loss of cognitive function. 

Average values :

  • Males: 14-18 gm/dL
  • Female: 12-16 gm/dL     
  • Infants: 14-20gm/dL

Anaemia causes fatigue, stress on bodily organs, generalised muscular weakness, lethargy and headache, decreased appetite (especially in children), brittle nails, irritability, blood in stool, pale skin color (pallor), shortness of breath, sore tongue, unusual food craving (called pica) etc. sometimes infants or children may have a gastrointestinal disease such as a chronic infection, chronic diarrhoea, celiac disease.  


  • Physical examination
  • Paleness in the skin, nail beds and gums.
  • Rapid or irregular bleeding 
  • Bleeding :  any blood loss 
  • Family and Medical history
  • Complete blood count
  • Serum Hb level
  • Haematocrit level

Few Homoeopathic medicines for Iron Deficiency Anemia

Argentum nit. , Arsenic alb., pulsatilla,  ferrum met., kali carb. , natrum sulph., sepia 

Case  report
A 37 years old female presented with amenorrhoea, generalized weakness, fatigue, headache which was ameliorated by tea, and swelling   and pain in both ankles since 2 months. Pain aggravated by slightest motion and she was also complaining of disturbed sleep at night due to severe pain in both ankles.  The patient did not take any prior treatment before reporting for homoeopathic medication.  On physical examination pallor was present. After investigation her serum haemoglobin level was 7.9 gm/dL.

The patient was vegetarian and of pale, tall, lean built. She had weakness of memory and anxiety about future. She had eructations which taste like food. Her appetite was decreased and aversion to milk. She also had coldness in both hands.

She was chilly thermally and also had tendency to catch cold easily.

LMP-  15/December/2017


Past history :  Urticaria 2 years back and took allopathic treatment for that.

Family history: Mother- Hypertension 

                            Father- Rheumatoid arthritis

The following symptoms were  considered for repertorisation:

  • Anxiety about future 
  • Weakness of memory
  • Aversion to milk
  • Eructations taste like food
  • Amenorrhoea
  • Generalized weakness
  • Headache ameliorated by tea
  • Coldness in both hands
  • Pain in both ankles

The reportorial result that followed useing radar 10 software.


 Detail of the treatment is given below.

First prescription (12 feb.2019)

Ferrum phosphoricum 30/2 doses-od for 2 days

Placebo 30/bd x15 days

Basis of prescription

In terms of reportorial analysis, ferrum phosphoricum covered 10/10 and phosphorus covered 09/10. In this case ferrum phoshoricum was selected. It covered all the rubrics .  According to Dr.William boericke,  Ferrum  phosphoricum 3x increases hemoglobin. According to thermal consideration, patient was chilly and ferrum phosphoricum is also a chilly remedy. Therefore the treatment was started with ferrum phosphoricum 30.

Follow ups

Date               symptoms                                Medicine      potency         Repetition           Days

28/02/2018     weakness reduced                            Ferrum phos.     3x                O.D                         2

                          Menses scanty for one day              placebo              30                 B.D.                        15

                          LMP- 23/02/2018                                                                                                                         

13/03/2018     weakness same as before               Ferrum phos.     30                  B.D.                         3

                          Pain in ankles reduced                     Placebo               30                  B.D.                        15

28/03/2018     Slight weakness                                 Ferrum phos.     30                 B.D.                           3

                          LMP-22/03/2018                               Placebo               30                 B.D.                         30 

                          Duration- 2 days 

                          Slight pain in ankles

01/05/2018       no weakness                                       Ferrum phos.     200             O.D.                          2 

                          LMP -23/04/2018                                  placebo               30              B.D                          30     

                          Duration- 3 days                                                                   

                          No pain in ankles


02/06/2018        No weakness                                      Ferrum phos.      200             O.D.                        2 

                            LMP-25/05/2018                                 Placebo                30               B.D.                      45

                            Duration- 3 days                               

                            Pallor- absent 

                            Headache in frontal region

                            >cold application

15/07/2018       No weakness                                        Ferrum phos.        200             O.D.                       1

                             LMP- 23/06/2018

                             Duration – 3 days                                 Placebo                 30               B.D.                      45

                              Pallor- absent 

                             No headache 

                             Memory improved

30/08/18            no complaint

                             All complained was improved               placebo             30              B.D.                      30

                              LMP- 24/08/2019

pastedGraphic_2.png                     pastedGraphic_3.png