Ministry of Ayush and councils initiated disciplinary action against Ghost faculty

Ministry of Ayush, Govt of India initiated strict action against Ghost faculties of Ayurveda Homoeopathy Unani and Siddha colleges across the country. 

Ministry and Councils received a number of complaints about fictitious teachers – Physically absent but present only in paper teachers in various colleges which hampering the quality of education in the Ayush sector. 

The different council already started a unique Teacher identification number to all teachers.

Teachers should upload state registration certificate, appointment letter, joining letter, promotion letters, transfer letter, proof of residency, proof of biometric attendance etc. All teachers are advised to submit duly notarised affidavit regarding details of the place of working in the college and proof of residence. 

Disciplinary actions 

  • Such teachers will be barred for 3 years from teaching 
  • State board will be struck the name of that individual for three years from state register – he will be debarred from private practice 
  • State Govt will be requested to instigate the matter and take other actions.
  • Punishable under section 406 and 420 of Indian Penal code 

So Ministry and councils requested all teachers not to indulge in any such activity and not t become a paper teacher. Teachers shall refrain from such activities and ensure that they are genuinely working only in one college. 

The private medical colleges have become a rehabilitation centre for the retired doctors or Ghost faculty. Ghost faculties arrive every year with fake appointment orders (no need even to apply, no interviews still they will get appointment letter) and once the inspection is over, their names are officially removed as faculties from college records. Patients and Ghost faculty will reach on the day of inspection only.

Related orders from CCH and Ministry 

Ministry letter March 2020

Guidelines instructions for colleges regarding visitation (2020-21)

To ensure the actual presence of teachers in college-regarding

All teachers should submit notarized affidavit – Ministry letter

Teachers code in CCH website :

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