Pulsesuit- affordable user friendly high-end clinic management software for doctors

Software for Doctors/Poly Clinic/Hospital. Manage from Anywhere, Work as Online & Offline. Simple to use & High user-friendly. 

  • Low Cost, No support cost, No yearly / Renewal fee. 1 Month 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • 10  Years in Hospital Software, 100+ Trusted Clients (no one changed/shifted our software yet)
  • 24 Hours/7 days customer support, Dedicated Support staff in Malappuram, Kozhikkode,Palakkad, Thrissur etc
  • ZERO malpractice, ZERO data loss, automatic backup to cloud. Fully barcode and QR Code enabled. No installation on user system, Free responsive website with online booking engine integration.
  • Save printing cost of X-Ray Image, Lab Report, Prescription etc. Sending all these to Patients 
  • Modules for Health Package and Medical camp
  • Multiple X-Ray/ Lab/Image comparison
  • Access using Tab/Ipad/Mobile/Laptop/Desktop

Integrated Multiple Divisions

  • Reception
  • Consultation
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology/Digital X-Ray
  • Nursing Station
  • IP/ Casualty
  • Accounts


✔ Online booking with e-payment

✔ SMS/Whatsapp for Registration and Booking

✔ Print PVC Patient Card (ATM Type)

✔ PVC ID card for Medical Rep/Executive

✔ Queue monitor for Patients (on LED Monitor/TV)

✔ SMS Reminders to notify patients about cancellation & delays

✔Add/Update Height, Weight, Temperature, Sugar etc 


✔ See medicine stock at the time of Consultation 

✔ Print Prescription, Send Prescription to email. 

✔ View Previous history, Diagnosis, Procedures, etc 

✔ Don’t carry previous prescriptions, diagnosis reports on revisit

✔ View and Compare Lab Reports (Any date) 

✔ View, Compare X-Ray, Image, Lab etc

✔ Pre set Prescription based on Disease or Medicine

✔ Search & Copy medicines from other Prescriptions

✔ Print X-Ray QR Code in Prescription


✔ Prescription-Pharmacy automated system 

✔ Automatic quantity calculation

✔ First-in-Expiry => First-in-Sale System

✔ Collect previous dues/over collection automatic 

✔ Medicine order will send SMS & Email to supplier 

✔ Daily reminder for highly demanded/frequent prescribed shortage medicine

✔ All others features in pharmacy


✔ Very easy/1-10 Seconds results entry 

✔ Result Ratios added automatic 

✔ Instant result to Doctor Dashboard

✔ X-ray Image, Lab Reports to Patient’s mobile 

✔ Hair Scanning for Dermatology

✔ Attach USG Report and Video 


✔ Setup Rooms and Packages.

✔ Setup IP procedure charges

✔ Admit/Shift rooms

✔ Discharge Bill (Automatic Calculation – Editable)

✔ Customized Discharge Summary


✔ Frequent update of BP, Sugar, Urine count, etc.

✔ Access from Tablet, Ipad, Mobile, Laptop etc.

✔ View/Search Patients in Observation/Casualty/IP

✔ View Prescription and Diagnosis referred

✔ Update Injection/medicines given on round

✔ View pending procedures

✔ Update doctor visit

✔ Update procedures done (modules for Dermatology)

✔ Discharge Summary


✔ GST, Kerala Flood Cess Enabled. GST reports to Excel. Login for tax consultant

✔ Easy generation of reports, daily, monthly, yearly, or by date 

✔ Doctor wise income by all/division like Pharmacy, Consulting fee, Procedures, Radiology etc. 

✔ Salary advance and Payments 

✔ General Expenses and Income 

✔ SMS/Whatsapp daily collection

Migrating data from existing software

For free direct demo dial : +918330050909, +918330060909, +918330070909, +918330080909

For more info visit us at :  www.pulsesuit.com 

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