Review on Drug Relationship including Pharmacokinship by Dr Nambision

Drug Relationship including Pharmacokinship – a detailed study of the relationship of remedies Clavin B Knerr

Compiled by
Prof. Dr Nisanth Nambision
Prof Dr Smita Nambision

The subject of the relationship of remedies is one of the most fascinating in homoeopathy and many aspects of it have been described in the literature.

Knowledge of the Relationship of remedies is very important in homoeopathy. Most of the cases require more than one remedy for their cure, especially in chronic diseases. Experience shows that when related remedies are prescribed we are surer of a cure than when unrelated remedies are given. The relationship of remedies is most useful in the second prescription, which is not well understood.

  • The authors presenting a unique exhaustive list of the relationship of Homoeopathic Remedies
  • Find out your second prescription is antidotal or complimentary to similimum
  • Whether the followup remedy will aggravate your case or cure it.
  • A good compilation for the genuine practitioners of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy

A vast amount of work regarding the relationship of remedies has been done by stalwarts such as Boeninghausen, Allen, Hering, Clarke, Gibson Miller, Kent, Guernsey and Lippe, most of these work have been well appreciated and is useful in the practice but most stalwarts have not highlighted the other relations than complements.

The study of Remedy relationship creates the internal relationship of the massive data and facts collected in the form of Materia Medica and in this way it has provided an opportunity to study an isolated drug to the level of comparative Materia Medica.

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