Ringworm and Homoeopathy – case reports

Prof (Dr) Goutam Das

Abstract: This article includes the clinical understanding of the teaching of our Organon of Medicine & Homoeopathic Philosophy that, whatever it maybe the name of the disease or the pathology;  if the patient shows characteristic signs & symptoms of a particular medicine, as an individual holistic reaction of the life force, then  that act as the specific remedy in that case. Along with, what is to be the similia, to restore the sick to health, & how it occurs (reverse pathology), to cure the cases homoeopathically? And what is curable in disease and what is curative in medicines are also express in this article.

Keywords: Ringworm-symptoms-causes-general management-homoeopathic therapeutic management.

[Abbreviation:  Sac. Lac. = Sugar of Milk, N.B. = Please note; P = Psora; Syco = Sycosis; Syph = Syphilis; Tuber = Tubercular]


Ringworm infections (Dermatophytes) are caused by three different types of fungi called microporum, epidermophyton, and trichophyton. They can easily penetrate the keratinized structures and so, these are caused disease of skin, hair and nail.Trichophyton causes skin, hair and nail infection; Microporum causes skin and hair infection while Epidermophyton, causes skin and nail infection. The sources of fungus may be three types:

  1. Zoophilic – animal to human.
  2. Arthophilic – human to human.
  3. Geophilic – soil to human. 1


Ringworm is a fungal infection formed a ring-shaped infection on the skin.

  • Ringworm also known as dermatophytosis, dermatophyte infection, or tinea – is a fungal infection of the skin.

“Ringworm” is misnomer, is a fungus, not a worm causes the infection.

  • The lesion caused by this infection resembles a worm in the shape of a ring, which is got its name.

Ringworm is commonly described:

  • Tinea corporis (ringworm of the body) or,
  • Tinea capitis (ringworm of the scalp) and,
  • Tinea cruris (ringworm of the groin).

Ringworm can infect human or animal both.

  • The infection initially appears as discolored, often scaly patches on the affected areas, typically appear red on lighter skin or brown-gray on darker skin.
  • Ringworm may spread from one to other parts of the whole body.

Symptoms: itching, itchy or scaly patches are red, brown, or gray; a round, flat patch of itchy skin, patches develop blisters or pustules, patches resemble a ring deeper color on outside, patches with edges that are defined and raised, overlapping rings, hair loss.

Ringworm Risk factors –Anyone can get ringworm infection, but may be more at risk are:

Live in a warm, humid environment or climate, participate in contact sports as wrestling, football, hooky etc., use public washroom, locker-room etc., close contact with animals, wear tight shoes or clothes, having diabetes, obesity or overweight, excessive sweat, weak immune system.

Diagnosis: We may diagnose ringworm by skin examination using black light view of the affected area, depending on the type of fungus, it may sometimes fluoresce (glow) under black light.

Confirm Diagnosis:

  • Skin biopsy or fungal culture, sample of the affected skin or discharge from the blister can confirm the presence of fungus.
  • KOH examination, scrape of the skin of the affected area collect on a slide and place a few drops of potassium hydroxide (KOH) on it. KOH breaks the typical skin cells, and fungus are seen under a microscope.

Treatment: Anti-fungal creams, ointments, gels, sprays are applied along with oral medication in severe cases.

Lifestyle adjustment:

In addition to prescription and medication, hygiene personal and house to be maintain.

  • Washing of bedding, clothing daily to help disinfect our surroundings, drying our body after bathing, wearing loose clothing on affected areas. 2

Homoeopathic Interpretation:

For an infection in human being we need conjoint action of both the organism and the host; whereas in homoeopathy we treat the host.

  • Detach the nourishment of the miasmatic cause and allowed the organism to finish their own course freely and rapidly.
  • Actually homoeopathic specific remedy shortening the course of the infection and hence recovery take place without any sequelae or complication of the infection.
  • To receive the infection of the organism psora should be flare-up in the surface of the host and the organism finish its course by infection, incubation, prodromal period, progress and decline either recovery or by death to the host.
  • If the cure not taken place as per the law of cure, by law of similia … as a sequelae or complication, latent sycosis, or latent tubercular state or latent syphilis may flare-up and nourish the complication and then we needs the treatment accordingly.
  • Here, in this given case-1 of ringworm psora is the cause and anti-psoric Tellurium [P+] relief the case and case-2 of ringworm syco-psoric is the cause and Pulsatilla [P+ Syco+] relief the case.
  • I have also seen a maltreated case of ringworm, by so-called homoeopathic treatment managed by Thuja [Syco+++] due to nourished by deep sycosis and in other maltreated ringworm cases managed by Baryta carb. [Tuber+++] so as Cina [Syph++] due to nourished by tubercular state, syphilis etc. respectively.

Cases of Ringworm infection Managed by Homoeopathy:

Case – 1:

02.05.2023, Tuesday: B.H. 11 months/Baby, female; A case of ringworm, on the back of  right arm, three coin like eruptions appear, for last 2 days, came to my telephone consultation having pain and sensitiveness in the eruptions by touch. (Pic-1).

  1. RX. Tellurium 30/two doses, with Sac. Lac.; to be taken in empty stomach 2, within 6 hours intervals. (Tellurium is useful for ringworm over a great portion of the body in intersecting rings.3)

04.05.2023, Thursday: After 2-days from the 1st dose, no pain, no oozing, no such sensitiveness, eruptions became dry (Pic-2).

  1. RX. Placebo 30/two doses, to be taken 6 hours interval.

08.05.2023, Tuesday: After 6-days from 1st dose, no pain, no oozing, eruptions became normal, but a new lesion of eruption seen adjacent right lateral chest. (Pic-6).

  1. RX. Plasibo 30/two doses, to be taken 6 hours interval (As per the rules of our “Second Prescription”, Placebo is the best medicine, until the case becomes stand still for long time or old symptoms reappears).

11.05.2023, Thursday: After 9-days from 1st dose, no pain, no oozing, eruptions became normal, no new eruption is seen. (Pic-7).

  1. RX. Plasibo 30/two doses, to be taken 6 hours interval (As per the rules of our “Second Prescription”, Placebo is the best medicine, until the case becomes stand still for long time or old symptoms reappears). No need of further medicine in this case.

Case – 2:

5.8.23, Saturday; A boy, aged 5 years, has been suffering from ringworm one in his right back of leg and spread right eye angle of the nose. Rx. Bryonia 30/two doses, 6 hours interval.

6.8.23, Sunday; no such improvement (came to know the case already mal treated by homoeopath parents), rather than pus are discharges. Rx. Pulsatilla 30/two doses, 6 hours interval with Sac. Lac.; to be taken in empty stomach 2, within 6 hours intervals.

7.8.23, Monday; eruptions become dry, no medicine till new symptoms develop; but patient party consult with Dermatologist on 4th day after medicine due to slow recovery and applied anti- fungal, anti-biotic local and internal medication and the crust remove on 5th day.


1) No needs for further taking medicine until any new symptoms develop in these cases.

2) Remember, that, every phenomena of a phenomenon is adjust in Individual’s body & mind (as cause & effects) according to heredity & acquire qualities of an individual upon the life force as an one episode and throughout the biography of the  life there are so many episodes (layers) may developed and that one episode (layer) needs series of dose, potency, repetition of a single remedy or may  needs  series of remedies  to eradicate it (As per the rules of our “Second Prescription”, Repetition of the First Prescription and Change in the Second Prescription3); that’s why, long times follow up must be needed, for  simplify the case, to restore the sick to health, for the ideal of  cure.

3) No dressing, no water contact, keep it dry and see the result in these cases presentation; prescription for the patient, not for the gross pathology. If given Bacillinum, Sepia., Dulcamara., Hepar.sulph., Sil., Merc.s., Tuberculinum, Sulphur etc. never you see such result, rather than make it complicated with medicinal symptoms; that’s Hahnemannian, Kentean Immaterial Homoeopathy.

4) How it’s possible? When the Homoeopathy is an Occupation, a Mission, a Commitment of Life and then the Omnipotence Truth must be discovered ‘to the one who loves law, it speaks in whispers, yet loud enough to be heard by that humble listener, and in a language that is not foreign to him, yea, though often it is only in a symbol or a cipher’. 4


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Prof. (Dr.) Goutam Das M.D. (Homoeopathy)
Dept. of Organon of Medicine, Smt. AJSHMC&RI, Mehsana, (Gujarat)

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