Staphysagria Doctrine of signature

Dr Monimala Pramanick (Sen) M.D.(Hom.)
Lecturer of Organon of medicine Depertment
Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre Agra

Introduction: Staphysagria is a herb, stoutly stemmed, hairy and biennial poisonous plant .Flowers are mauve blue to blue ,occurs in racemes. It is used as a pediculicide . Family is Ranunculaceae, Common name is lice bane. The Greeks as well as Romans were familiar with the herbal medication prepared from plant.   

Doctrine of signature:

Hairy tree so person is also sensitive. Flowers are deep coloured attract insects. They also try to attract by their art, creation. Seeds are Angiospermic (numerous seeds enclose in a seed vessel). They also want to show that they are multitalented. Plants found in cold and temperate region, patient cannot tolerate cold.


I have once got a peculiar case of staphysagria. A girl of 27years came to me.

Complaints:  She was suffering from involuntary urination without sensation and control for past 1 year which is more when she stayed in air conditioner room. She has to wear a diaper all time. I asked her if there is a injury or operation before. She stopped and got nervous. After assured by me she told that 3 and 1/2 months twins were aborted of her before one year.

Reason the person refused to marry her and told to abort which was so insulting for her. She told “Doc, I couldn’t tell a single word to him but i felt that he hurt me very rudely. I collected money for operation and he didn’t step beside me.”

She though was a good painter but after this incident she stopped painting. She had her own small phone gallery and she closed it.

Physical general:

Appetite:   After taking food she has to eat soon. Then she feel sleepy and tired.

Stool:      Irregular constipated after !-2 days.  

Sleep:      Disturbed at night from one year. She yawns but no refreshing sleep.

Mense:     First at age of 10years,irregular,late from the date. Stays 3-4 days colour- bright red. 

Analysis of the case:

As written by Dr. J.T.Kent:  “The mental symptoms are very important and the impressions made upon the mind, thence upon the body guide to staphysagria as a remedy.”

 Suppressed anger , felling insult & Excitement

All of this affect body include muscle, nerve, organs and symptoms appear.

She even didn’t speak it out, control it and then suffered from it. Dr. Boericke also tells that indignation of things done by patient herself or others causes the complication.

If we go through her case she told me 2-3times that she is a painter she had the gallery. She is a good cook also. SO she wanted to present that she is multitalented but though nobody was beside her in that time. And all her symptoms arouse after her MTP. Her mense also irregular, her appetite also disturbed her sleep not refreshing.  


I prescribe her staphysegria 200 four dose and told to come after 15 days. After 15 days she came and told that  now she can feel the outcome of urine. But all other symptoms are as before. I repeated staphy 1M two dose with placebo. After one month she was quite better. She told I can fell the urine passing and I can control for  2-3minutes.sleep better than before. I repeated staphy 10 M two dose. After one month patient came to me and this time she was very happy. Talked with me a lot and gifted me her new painting done one day before. She told me doc I can control my urine for 30 minutes and can feel urine is coming out please give me medicine that I can control more.

I gave her placebo this time. After 15 days her controlling power increased and she stopped to wear diaper. 

Before 3 week I got her marriage invitation.

Boericke’s New Manual Of Homoeopathic Materia Medica with Repertory.
Lectures on homoeopathic Materia Medica –James Tyler Kent

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