Terminologies of Synthetic Repertory

Dr Praveen Kumar E  

Synthetic Repertory – Compiled by Dr.HorstBarthel and Dr.WilliamKlunker in 3 volumes.

Vol 1&2:Mind&Generals-Dr.H.Barthel.

Vol 3      :Sleep ,dreams and sex-Dr.WillKlunker.

First in German in 1973.

Indian edition in 1987.

Basically an extention of Kent’s repertory.

The word ‘synthetic’ is derived from the word ‘synthesis’ which means ,assembly of separate and subordinate parts to complex whole.In this work the author has synthesized about 16 authorities and have put together to form a complete repertory.

Philosophy –Kent philosophy,limited to generals.

1594 medicines;4 grades.

Some new rubrics which are there in ‘Synthetic ‘and are not there in ‘Kent’.

  1. Admiration-liking in a positive manner with respect.
  2. Adulterous-sexual intercourse with a female other than his lawful wife.
  3. Affability –the quality of being pleasant and at ease at talking to others
  4. Anarchist –one who rebel against anything or ruling power and shows his disapproval with violence.
  5. Anorexia mentalis-anorexia nervosa
  6. Audacity-a negative boldness,too much self confidence.Boldness accompanied by disregard of opinion of others.
  7. Automatism-automatic action
  8. Blasphemy-irreverance towards something considered sacred
  9. Blissful feeling-complete happiness
  10. Buoyancy-vivacity or hilarity.
  11. Charlatan-a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill.
  12. Credulous-innocent,tendency to believe readily and insuspecting.
  13. Culpability-he feels himself responsible for the wrong.
  14. Desolate-a feeling of loneliness or lacking hope.
  15. Effeminate-womanish softness and weakness
  16. Eloquent-fluency in speech and have good command over language and action.
  17. Exuberance-full of enthusiasm;who are almost at times in high spirit  and lively.
  18. Exultant-happiness especially at someone’s defeat.
  19. Foppish-always want to dress at his best.
  20. Gluttony-compulsive desire to eat.
  21. Improvident-no care for future ,want of foresight.
  22. Intriguer-builds up secret plot against others
  23. Irony-hurt others by contemptuous  or mocking statements.
  24. Litigious-tendency to take others into court for minor reasons.
  25. Naïve-simple, trusting ,plain and always takes things at their face value.
  26. Nibble-bite gently and repeatedly.
  27. Perseverance-try to fulfill any condition whatever may be the consequences.
  28. Pompous-marked by an exaggerated show of dignity or self importance.
  29. Servile-having or showing an excessive willingness to serve or please others.(PULS)
  30. Snappish-speaking curtly.They are tense worried overworked angry person uttering sharp words.
  31. Snub-ignoring or behaving coldly towards others in a sarcastic manner.
  32. Soberness-straight forward ,earnest in their dealings and manners.
  33. Spineless-no courage or dare to do anything.
  34. Temerity-overconfident and rash
  35. Testament ,refuses to make-refuse to make a written document.
  36. Usurer-one who lend money in illegal and fraud way(lyc,puls,sulph)
  37. Vanity-always preoccupied with their appearance ,achievements and belongings.
  38. Ailments from-is very useful

18 rubrics in Kent’s mind chapter is missing in Synthetic mind

  1. Attitude assumes strange
  2. Bellowing 
  3. Fright complaints from
  4. Growling like a dog
  5. Kneeling and praying
  6. Mirth ,hilarity ,liveliness
  7. New,objects seem
  8. Piety,nocturnal
  9. Power love of
  10. Repulsive mood
  11. Sexual excesses,mental symptoms from
  12. Surprises ,pleasant
  13. Unfriendly humor
  14. Unobserving
  15. Unreal
  16. Untruthful
  17. Wicked disposition
  18. Wild feeling in head



Additional rubrics other than in Kent’s generalities include –various clinical rubrics,toxicity ,constitutionalsymptoms,modalities ,ailments from and prophylaxis.Complexion,seasons and weather as direct rubrics.

Synalgia –reffered pain

Clinical rubrics:

  1. Acetonemia- presence of excessive levels acetone in blood.
  2. Agranulocytosis
  3. Arteriosclerosis 
  4. Aviator’s disease- air sickness occurring in occupants of airplanes
  5. Basedow’s disease- Graves disease
  6. Besnier’s disease- Sarcoidosis
  7. Hodgkin’s disease-  cancer of immune system called the lymphatic system
  8. Hypertension 
  9. Hypotension 
  10. Myatrophy ,progressive spinal- duchenne muscular atrophy
  11. Myxedema
  12. Poliomyelitis
  13. Rickets 
  14. Sclerosis ,multiple
  15. Tuberculosis 

Toxicity :

  1. Aluminium poisoning
  2. Cautery (with arg-n) antidote to
  3. Copper fumes agg
  4. Iodine after abuse of
  5. Mushroom poisoning
  6. Ptomaine poisoning

Constitutional symptoms: as in boger<&>

  1. Children ,affections in
  2. Complexion 
  3. Development arrested
  4. Growth in length too fast
  5. Puberty ailments in

Some rubrics in ‘Synthetic’ repertory that are present in ‘Kent’s repertory’ other than generalities.

  1. Activity 
  2. Agility 
  3. Bending or turning <
  4. Cachexia –a condition in which system of nutrition is evidently deprived
  5. Cramps 
  6. Cobweb sensation of
  7. Dendition difficult 
  8. Drawing up limbs
  9. Elephantiasis 
  10. Food and drinks
  11. Gait 
  12. Masturbation 
  13. Noises 
  14. Sedentary habits
  15. Sarcoma
  16. Talking 
  17. Thirst
  18. Uremia

Volume 3

Sleep :

  1. Comatose 
  2. Coma vigil- subacute or chronic state of altered consciousness,in which the patient appears alert intermittently,but is not responsive,although his/her descending pathway appears intact,due to lesion of various cerebral structures.
  3. Confused 
  4. Delirious 
  5. Dreamless 
  6. Dull 
  7. Exhausting 
  8. Feigned –pretend or malingering
  9. Light 
  10. Need of sleep 
  11. Sudden 

Dreams :approximately 226 extra subrubrics as compared to Kent;Many of them are interesting and often heared  in clinics.

  1. Astray going-away from correct path or direction
  2. Baffled being –completely unable to understand or explain;perplexed
  3. Cannonading –discharge heavy guns continuously
  4. Coronation –a coronation is the ceremony when a new king is officially installed
  5. Declivities –downward slope.
  6. Deliberations –careful thought or discussion done inorder to make a decision.
  7. Exasperation –a feeling of intense irritation or annoyance.
  8. Excrements –waste material that is expelled from the body.
  9. Insurrections –a violent uprising against an authority or government.
  10. Precipices –a very steep side of mountain ;a point where danger ,trouble or difficulty begins.
  11. Reconciliation – a process in accounting.
  12. Resurrections –concept of a living being coming back to life after death.
  13. Splendor –brilliant or gorgeous appearance.
  14. Terrapin –a fresh water turtle
  15. Vengeance –infliction of punishment in return on a person by another,who has been harmed by that person.

Sex-male :

Ejaculation ,Pollution as rubrics.Inkent it is scattered in various chapters as subrubrics.

Sex –female:

Pregnancy,labourpains,parturition as rubrics,present in Kent as subrubrics.

  1. Childbed 
  2. Foetus ,arrest of development of  the
  3. Infantilismus genitals.
  4. Os uteri during labour
  5. Placenta previa


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