Third BHMS Organon Question Papers

Calicut University 1996 – 2009  :

Kerala University 2008  :

Kerala University BHMS ( I – IV Year) Question Papers 2010 – 11 (Full set )

Third BHMS Organon Question Papers from various universities across India

The West Bengal University of Health Sciences
Group A
Answer any three questions of which Q No. 1 is compulsory

  1. Answer the following short notes – 4X5

a) Causa Occasionales b) Emperical drug Proving
c) Doctrine of Signatured) Simple substance

  1. Describe the 1st,7th,11th & 12th observation of Remedy reaction with proper interpretation & prognosis. 4X5
  1. Define intermittent diseases according to Organon of Medicine. Classify intermittent diseases and write their outline of treatment & management as in the Organon of Medicine. 5+15
  1. a) What are One sided diseases? Explain with principles of treatment of One sided diseases.

b) How Homoeopathic cure takes place? 10+10

Group B

Answer any two questions

  1. a) Describe development of Psora manifestations 10+10
    b)  Ten secondary manifestations of Sycosis

6. What is Real Mental disease & why? Outline the principle of treatment & management of all types of Mental disease 5+15

7. Write short notes 4X5
a) Lucid interval b) Primary manifestation of Syphilis c) Diet & Regimen d) Obvious cause

Contributed by: 1.Dr Kaushik D Das, MD(Hom) NIH



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