We need an abridged and updated BHMS Syllabus 

Dr Mansoor Ali

Many teachers from across India, realised the need for an abridged  BHMS syllabus. Modify the syllabus and include only the essential things that are required for a clinician, researcher or academician. Many students complained about the boring syllabus and teaching.

A lot of theory is taught which nobody uses and essential clinical skills are left out. Moreover different universities following different syllabus. No uniformity to the BHMS syllabus.

Our current syllabus is very vast, students forced to study many ‘unwanted and outdated’ things for the sake of examination but remembering only a few things. Instead of exam-oriented study, we need to train them in the patient-oriented or research-oriented approach.

For example – philosophy by different authors is different in the Organon syllabus – that itself creating a lot of confusion among students. Similar or different issues in other subjects also. More polychrests should be included in the first BHMS syllabus.

Some teachers opined that removing the exams of Organon and Materia Medica in the 1st Year was a very devastating move. The previous distribution of the Aphorisms in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year was more appropriate and logical. The introduction of Carrol Dunham & Richard Huges in the 4th year was not needed. It actually creates more confusion in the minds of students.

We must teach them how to set up and promote the clinic, online consultation, career guidance, scope of Homoeopathy in India and abroad, case taking in different clinical situations and give a good foundation to research by including the topics that stimulate research aptitude among undergraduates.

Students must be trained/aware of all the latest investigative procedures and techniques including accessory management. The need of the hour is to be a trustworthy and serious professional, ready to accept the limitations as well as application

Its high time that new branches in MD education and also super speciality courses should be opened by the central council to ensure not only better treatment but also premium education in the medical Colleges

The basic qualification for a teacher is PG – we must include teaching methodology in the PG syllabus also. Since we don’t have BEd or MEd courses.

During internship – they must get some classes from leading private practitioners and medical entrepreneurs of that state. The rural internship should be restored. Interns should attend attest a minimum of 10 medical camps during their internship.

The committee must go to the ground level, consult the teachers, who really taught regularly to the students- even he/ she may be from Private colleges. It should not be based on designation holders only like Principal/ Professor because many of them did not teach regularly or hardly taking a class in a month & busy with administrative works or having only political bonding. Include genuine academicians only in these type of educational committees.

We are requesting the teachers and BoG of CCH to look into this matter seriously and modify the syllabus as per the need of the time


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