Why private practice is the best option in homoeopathy?

Dr Mansoor Ali

Private practice is the best option than any other job – that gives you more social reputation and financial maturity. In Govt sector or hospitals – they will give you fixed salary but that has limits. But if you have time and dedication, private practice will give you more income and social reputation.

  • A clinician in private practice enjoys an autonomy that cannot be experienced in a hospital based setting
  • Services provided by small private clinics are heavily relied on by significant part of Indian population.
  • Assuring quality service is therefore important on the part of the clinician

Qualified practitioners & institutions in India 

System  Practitioners  Hospitals  Dispensaries 
Allopathy 6,70,000 12760 173795
Ayurveda 3,50,655 2421 15072
Homoeopathy 2,23,883 216 7023

So comparing to other systems, lesser number of doctors and dispensaries are in homoeopathy – So India need more and more homoeopathy doctors and hospitals

Which sector is better ?

  • IT – More stress, less life
  • Business – More pressure, more dead money or product, more competition
  • Real Estate – In a great dilemma at the time of recession, more corrupt
  • Doctor – Comfortable as per our convenience. More earnings with less investment.

Which system is better for private practice and why?

Allopathy – at least Post-graduation required, so to study nearly 11 years

Dental – Cost of the clinic, cost of the treatment, lesser number of patients since patient visit to dentist limited as last resort

Ayurveda – more quack practitioners with social acceptability, cost of medicine unaffordable to common man, lot of diet restrictions and difficult to consume.

Homoeopathy – BHMS is enough in-order to get a good private practice, easily administered, cost of clinic and cost of medicine are less than other systems of medicine,

More placement  & More private practice since less number of doctors in homoeopathy

Admission to various courses in India

  • BHMS : 12,000
  • MBBS : 60,000
  • BAMS : 15265

So Homoeopathy doctors are lesser in number comparing to other streams

Don’t worry about the ever increasing number of doctors – India has 6000 births in a minute

In private practice the income depends totally on the effort you put in and your professional reputation. A BHMS graduate working in private sector can earn more than what he earns in government sector. But you have to sit in a clinic at-least  for two years in order to become an established doctor.

Never wait for a Government job, start your practice immediately after completing the course.  You can continue your practice even after getting a job. It is not possible to practice after acquiring all the knowledge, that will take time.

Dr Mansoor Ali KR
Asso. Professor, Govt. Homoeopathy Medical College. Calicut
www.drmansoorali.com, www.homeobook.com, www.similima.com

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  1. those who want good pay plus some necktie power are moderately trained join govt job, those who are hihgh calibered and want to earn fame and zeal to treat sick humans go for private practice.late dr Bhola chakravorty famous park street calcutta homeopath had waiting period of six months to take appointment by patient.

  2. Thanks for an informative article Dr. Mansoor. I was wondering if you have any information about Kerala government grants/ aid for setting up a private homeopathic hospital or clinic

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