Grant for Medical research – SHSRC- Research Proposal

research3Grant up to Rs. 2.5 lakhs

Last date for submission is September 30th , 2012.

Who can apply?
1. Students

  •  a. Medical and Para medical post graduates
  •  b. PhD students

2. Officials working under State Govt. Health and Family Welfare Department. (Govt. Medical Colleges, PHC/CHC/Thaluk Hospitals/ District Hospital, AYUSH centres)

Eligibility Criteria for institutions (will be assessed SHSRC)

  1. Must have infrastructural facility to carry out research
  2. Must have successfully executed projects
  3. Availability of competent faculties 

How to apply?
All applications are to be submitted to the mail [email protected] .

Research and studies at State Health Systems Resource Centre is oriented to generate evidence which will enable strengthening of the health systems and all its elements on a scientific basis-especially governance, health service delivery, health financing and human resources for health.

Objective: SHSRC aims to encourage and provide financial assistance to research project which will help make policy changes and strengthen the health system.

Priority areas

  1. Communicable disease
  2. Non communicable disease
  3. Reproductive and Child health
  4. Health systems Research
  5. Adolescent health
  6. Tribal health
  7. Nutrition
  8. Geriatrics
  9. Occupational health
  10. Other basic medical sciences (Eg. Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology) 

Terms and conditions
The following standard and norms shall be considered for respective categories of the studies for grants-in-aid

I. The ceiling for the cost of studies is admissible as indicated below:

1. In case of organisations or institutions, up to , Rs. 2.5 lakhs

2. In case of Individual Research Scholar, up to Rs.50,000


The actual expenditure incurred by the grantee institute/ researcher, whichever is less

II. The Time Limit for completion of any research study in case of concern

1. Individual researchers- one year- only after the institutional authorities approval

2. Institutions- two years

III. The disbursement of fund will be in instalment basis against timely submission of progress report and statement of expenditure(SOE):

  • 1st instalment 50% of amount
  • 2nd instalment 30% of amount
  • 3rd instalment 20% of amount (after completion)

Individual researchers should submit the SOE quarterly and institutions annually.

The final SOE should be audited and it should be submitted with utilisation certificate along with 3 copies of the report (also include one soft copy)

IV. The date of release of first installment by SHSRC shall be considered as the date of commencement of the research study for consideration of the duration/period of completion of the assigned study.

V. Basic infrastructure, building, equipments, foreign travel, food, Recruitment of personnel expenses etc are not covered under the SHSRC funding scheme.

VI. The researcher or the institution should get letter of permission from the head of the institution for the conduct of the research

VII. The researchers should ensure that their routine work will not be compromised for the purpose of the research. They should get a letter signed by the head of the department in this regard.

VIII. Protocols once submitted are subject to further modifications only after Core committee clearance of the revised protocol.

IX. The studies which have received any other funding will not be eligible for funding by the SHSRC.

X. Publication norms: Report of the article must be submitted to the SHSRC before publication.

Publications must acknowledge the assistance given by SHSRC. A mention of the ID number issued by the SHSRC also must be made in the article.

XI. The SHSRC reserves the complete rights to make amendments in the grant terms and conditions.

XII. The SHSRC reserves the complete rights to withdraw the funding in case of fraud or fault in the research.

XIII. Funds will be released only when the detailed proposal, along with the clearance of institutional ethical committee is submitted and accepted.

Initially brief proposals are to be submitted to SHSRC. These will be scrutinized by core committee and the accepted proposals will have to submit their detailed protocols at a later date. Institutional Ethical

Committee clearance needs to be obtained before submitting the detailed protocols. Brief proposals are to be structured in a specific manner under the following headings and must be uploaded into

the SHSRC site. The proposal must not exceed 750 words (Excluded the budget).

The submitted research applications will be verified by the core committee and if selected the researcher should be informed within 3 months, so that the researcher can submit detailed proposal along with the institutional ethical committee clearance.

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